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  • [2010-11-23] Convenio de Colaboracion entre la Secretaria de Energia y la Comision Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indigenas (2009) 

    Secretary of Energy and the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Communities of Mexico
    This document announces the collaborative efforts of two governmental entities aimed at improving living conditions within indigenous communities in Mexico. A section of this document outlines the objective of implementing ...
  • [2010-11-10] Decreto N. 15 (2002) 

    Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Chile
    This decree enacts an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Chile and the United Nations Program for Development on a project called "Chile: Removing Barriers to Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification ...
  • [2010-11-10] Ley 25.019, Regimen Nacional de Energia Eolica y Solar 

    Congress of Argentina
    This law declares a national interest in electric power generation from wind and solar power and promotes its use throughout the national territory. Additionally, it outlines the tax deferments that may be used on capital ...
  • [2010-11-10] Ley Nº 12.603 (2001) 

    Legislature of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    This law declares a provincial interest in the generation and production of electricity through the use of renewable energy sources in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.