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  • [2010-12-02] Acuerdo Presidencial No. 279 (2002) 

    Asamblea Nacional de la República de Nicaragua
    This document establishes a policy to support the development of wind and hydroelectric resources in Nicaragua and provides incentives for private investment in these types of renewable energy projects.
  • [2010-10-17] Ley N. 697 (2001) 

    The Congress of Colombia
    This law declares the rational and efficient use of energy and promotes alternative energy use within Colombia.
  • [2010-10-17] Ley No. 5707 sobre Incentivo al Desarrollo de Fuentes Renovables de Energía y de sus Regímenes Especiales (2007) 

    National Congress of the Dominican Republic
    This law provides the regulatory framework to be applied throughout the national territory with respect to renewable energy. Additionally, this law encourages the development of, and investment in, projects that take ...
  • [2010-09-21] LEY NÚM. 20.257 (March 20, 1998) 

    Ministry of Economy, Development and Reconstruction of Chile
    This law introduces amendments to the general law on electrical service with respect to the generation of electric energy from unconventional renewable energy sources.
  • [2010-10-17] Ley N° 2748 de Fomento de los Biocombustibles (2005) 

    National Congress of Paraguay
    This law defines biofuels and promotes the use thereof, stating that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC) will regulate the production and distribution of biofuels. Furthermore, this law states the obligation to mix ...
  • [2010-10-17] Resolución Extenta 1278, establece normas para la adecuada implementacion de la Ley Nº 20.257 

    National Energy Commission
    This resolution establishes rules for the proper implementation of Law No. 20.257, which introduced amendments to the law on general electric service generation to include non-conventional renewable energy sources.