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  • [2011-04-19] Law 5961 - Geothermal Energy 

    The Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica; La Asamblea Legislativa de la República de Costa Rica
    This law declares Costa Rica's interest in the exploration of geothermal energy resources. It states that all activities concerning geothermal energy are the sole responisbility of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad ...
  • [2011-02-14] Law No. 128 - Establishes Puerto Rico's Public Policy on Energy 

    Administración de Asuntos Energéticos, Puerto Rico; Energy Affairs Administration, Puerto Rico
    This law establishes an institution that integrates and coordinates all functions related to energy. Moreover, this legislation states the need to investigate alternative sources of energy within the country.
  • [2011-03-09] Law No. 14.694 - National Electricity Law 

    Consejo del Estado; Advisory Council to the Government
    General law which regulates the generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, export, import and commercialization of electric energy.
  • [2011-01-14] Law N° 2224 - Creates National Energy Commission 

    Ministerio de Minería, Chile
    This document outlines the creation of a national energy commission. Article 3 describes the various types of energy that are of interest to the commission, including geothermal and solar energy.
  • [2011-06-17] Petroleum Act 

    Ministry of Justice
    States that vested in the Crown is all petroleum existing in its natural state in strata in Jamaica including the bed and subsoil of its territorial sea, its continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone.
  • [2011-06-06] Law Decree No. 626 - Hydrocarbons Law 

    Revolutionary Government Committee of El Salvador; Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno de El Salvador
    This Law's goal is to regulate the promotion, development and control of the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon deposits, as well as their transportation by pipelines.
  • [2011-06-17] Law Decree No. 56 - Regulation for the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    States the regulations for the use of nuclear energy. Contains definitions of terms related to nuclear energy. Appoints the state organizations in charge of the implementation of this regulation.
  • [2011-06-17] Law Decree No. 70 - National Energy Commission 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    Creates the National Energy Commission, which has as main goal to propose to the Government the national energy policy with recommendations about the rational use, development and research of energy resources.
  • [2011-06-17] Decreto No. 115 - Technical and Energy State Inspection Areas 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    The Technical area on Energy will have as one of its functions to propose industrial applications that use renewable energy sources in energy transformation systems.
  • [2011-04-19] Law Decree No. 109-83 - Hydrocarbons Law 

    Ministry of Energy and Mines; Ministerio de Energía y Minas
    Regulates the activities related with the hydrocarbon sector in Guatemala such as exploration and exploitation, transport, refining, marketing, storage, functions and activities of the regulatory parts of this sector.
  • [2011-06-06] Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador (1983) 

    Legislative Agency of El Salvador; Organo Legislativo de El Salvador
    Article 113 promotes and protects the economic associations that increase the national wealth through a better use of the natural resources of the Country.
  • [2011-06-17] Law 23.390 - Agreement of Implementation of the Energy Interconnection Agreement of 02/12/1974 

    The Government of the Republic of Argentina; El Gobierno de la República Argentina
    The objectives of this bilateral agreement are: to intensify cooperation in the energy field; the interconnection of the two country's electrical systems; enable a permanent and stable operation of both interconnected ...
  • [2011-04-19] Law No. 893 - Supply of Energy 

    National Congress of Bolivia; Congreso Nacional de Bolivia
    Declares as national priority the supply of electricity to the ""Salar de Uyuni"" through the construction of Thermoelectric plants.
  • [2011-03-03] Decree No. 68-86 - Law of the Protection and Improvement of the Environment 

    Congreso de la Republica de Guatemala; Congress of the Republic of Guatemala
    Law which has as objective the social-economic, scientific and technological development which prevents the contamination of the environment. Art. 12 states the specific objectives of the law, which include the promotion ...
  • [2011-06-17] National Decree 247 - Mutual Cooperation Agreement for the Electrical Interconnection and Technical Notes 

    Secretary of Energy; Secretaria de Energía
    The objectives of this agreement are: to intensify cooperation in the energy field; the interconnection of the two country's electrical systems; enable a permanent and stable operation of both interconnected electric ...
  • [2011-06-17] Decree No. 33-87 - Central America Electrification Council 

    National Congress of Honduras; Congreso Nacional de Honduras
    Approves the agreement between the Governments of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama to create the Central America Electrification Council, which will be in charge of achieving the better ...
  • [2011-04-19] Law No. 8 - Hydrocarbons Law 

    Legislative Assembly of Panama; Asamblea Legislativa de Panamá
    This Law regulates the activities related to the use of hydrocarbons in Panama.
  • [2011-04-19] Law No. 940 - Multiple Project Rio Grande-Rosita 

    National Congress of Bolivia; Congreso Nacional de Bolivia
    Declares as national priority and public need the development of the Rio Grande - Rosita Project for the use of water from the Rio Grande through the construction of a Hydroelectric Dam.
  • [2011-04-19] Law No. 992 - Power Plant 

    National Congress of Bolivia; Congreso Nacional de Bolivia
    Declares the need to perform a study for the development of a Power Plant for the Cobija-Porvenir region. The posibility to use the Virtudes and Beyuyo streams will be taken into consideration, as well as other alternative ...
  • [2011-06-06] Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil of 1988 

    National Constituent Assembly of Brazil; Assembléia Nacional Constituinte do Brasil
    The Brazilian Constitution includes declarations in favor of the use of alternative energy and renewable resources. Articles 21, 174, 177 have dispositions to regulate renewable energy activities.