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  • [2012-05-08] Grooming Crossovers 

    Mathewson, Alfred
    This article is about the influence of African-American athletes on sports and sports law in the United States. It begins with an examination of the crossover Black athlete, one who is able to transcend color in popular ...
  • [2008-10-29] The Picture of Equality 

    Mathewson, Alfred
    This article discusses an eyewitness's analysis of events and circumstances surrounding cases involving the desegregation and integration of schools and colleges.
  • [2011-06-08] Race in Ordinary Course: Utilizing the Racial Background in Antitrust and Corporate Law Courses 

    Mathewson, Alfred
    This article is about the discourses in law school classes in which non-white students are in classes with white students. While I stake a position distinct from critical race theorists, I do not analyze critical race ...