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  • [2010-09-09] Commutators and dyadic paraproducts on weighted Lebesgue spaces 

    Chung, Dae-Won
    We prove that the operator norm on weighted Lebesgue space L^2(w) of the commutators of the Hilbert, Riesz and Beurling transforms with a BMO function b depends quadratically on the A2 characteristic of the weight, as ...
  • [2012-02-01] Weighted estimates for dyadic operators with complexity 

    Moraes, Jean Carlo Pech de
    We extend the definitions of dyadic paraproduct, dual dyadic paraproduct and $t$-Haar multipliers to dyadic operators that depend on the complexity $(m,n)$, for $m$ and $n$ positive integers. We will use the ...