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  • [2016-08-25] Some Notes on Compressive Sensing 

    Mehraban, Sara
    We are living in a world in which the growth rate of the data generated every year is almost exponential. A significant problem is how we can store this amount of data. Compressive sensing is giving us a clue about how we ...
  • [2010-06-25] Spatial spread of infectious diseases 

    Mora, Aaron
    In this thesis we do a comparative study of diffusive models with non-diffusive models, looking at the effect movements in the form of simple diffusion have on the spreading of infectious diseases. This study is undertaken ...
  • [2012-02-01] Two cylindrical vortex sheets : evolution and singularity formation 

    Jeremy, Johnson
    Using Rosenhead's point-vortex approximation with correction terms, the evolution of two symmetrical, counter-rotating, initially cylindrical vortex sheets in an incompressible, potential fluid flow is studied. Simulations ...