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  • [2010-09-09] Quantifying uncertainty in reliability block diagrams 

    Yu, Bea
    Reliability analysis yields statistically derived technical system performance estimates. Traditional reliability analysis employs classical statistical techniques predicated upon asymptotic properties of large data sets. ...
  • [2010-06-25] Spatial spread of infectious diseases 

    Mora, Aaron
    In this thesis we do a comparative study of diffusive models with non-diffusive models, looking at the effect movements in the form of simple diffusion have on the spreading of infectious diseases. This study is undertaken ...
  • [2012-02-01] Two cylindrical vortex sheets : evolution and singularity formation 

    Jeremy, Johnson
    Using Rosenhead's point-vortex approximation with correction terms, the evolution of two symmetrical, counter-rotating, initially cylindrical vortex sheets in an incompressible, potential fluid flow is studied. Simulations ...