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  • [2011-08-19] Dialogue Without A Cause?: The Use of Banter as a Dramatic Device 

    Wehrwein, Nic
    My analysis of others‘ works as well as my own has led me to focus on what I believe is the essential component to my writing—banter. Through discussing Abbott & Costello‘s Who’s on First?, Samuel Beckett‘s Waiting for ...
  • [2011-08-17] Dollo & Me (Aftermath with Permutations) and The Relenting 

    Gill, Lisa
    This dissertation is comprised of two parts. The first is called “Dollo & Me (Aftermath with Permutations)” and is an unconventional and nonlinear memoir addressing the aftermath of violence and the changes that are required ...
  • [2011-08-19] Playwright as Enchanter: A Compositional Method in Dramatic Writing 

    Hernandez Escobar, Georgina
    The plays The Circuz and The Ruin are shaped by a compositional method that I will describe as Playwright as Enchanter. I explore the use of semiotics, fantasy, myth, folklore, and the Pictoral Imagination and how they ...