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  • [2011-08-17] Across Water 

    Kirk, Nari
    This dissertation is a collection of essays that examines the author’s coming-of-age in terms of religion, race, gender, and family. Using a combination of personal experience, reflection on this experience, and outside ...
  • [2014-09-12] Animal People 

    Golmassian, Sabrina
    Billions of animals are killed every year based on this ethical premise: Animals are lower than humans on some abstract moral scale, and they can therefore be considered property. However, a growing percentage of compassionate ...
  • [2011-08-19] At the Rim of Vision 

    Unruh, Melanie
    This novel follows the lives of two protagonists, Daphne and Emily Ellis. Though their narratives are separated by 30 years, both young women must face difficult decisions as pregnant teenagers. As Daphne struggles to ...
  • [2014-09-15] BACK 2 LIFE 

    Gutierrez, Donna
    Back 2 Life is a collection of novellas featuring a woman named Vennie Rodriguez and her two adult daughters, Socs and Sara. The woman owns a struggling beauty shop in Albuquerque's South Valley, and one day, she uncovers ...
  • [2013-07-11] Before You Become Improbable 

    DePascal, Nick
    Before You Become Improbable is a poetry collection that tackles issues as various as marriage, parenting, death, art, illness, and the workplace, using a mixture of formal and experimental poetry. The collection eschews ...
  • [2013-07-02] The Black Acres 

    Arning, Bonnie
    A creative exploration into relationships: relationships with the self, with others, and with the world.
  • [2016-08-25] Black Stone on a White Wind 

    Wohlwend, Lynn
    Black Stone on a White Wind is a memoir dealing with the aftermath of my father’s suicide and my search to understand who my father was after his death.  
  • [2010-06-25] Blood Heist 

    Darling, Dan
    A novel of fiction. John Stick, along with his two best friends, Spartacus Rex and Leon Flowers, rob a blood bank with the intent to sell the blood in Mexico. On the way, the ice cream truck that they have converted to ...
  • [2015-06-24] Canaries 

    MacClyment, Logan
    A collection of fictional short stories and screenwriting, dealing with characters who, besieged by sickness, denial, and uncertainty, try desperately to keep their heads above water. These are stories marked by sadness ...
  • [2016-08-04] Chatterbox 

    Sánchez, Rebecca
    This essay articulates the creative process and artistic influences of two plays written by Rebecca M. Sánchez. The plays, Chatterbox and Re: Living are influenced by a variety of artists including Emilio Carballido and ...
  • [2014-07-12] Choreographer as Coach: Facilitating Engagement During the Dance Making Process 

    Bryan, Emily D.
    Dance is formed from the interactions between the choreographer and the dancers that occur during the workshop and rehearsal phase of the dance making process. The choreographer’s art is brought to life not solely through ...
  • [2012-07-06] Close, A Family Memoir 

    Tannen, Elizabeth
    This manuscript braids together two narratives. One is about my immediate family: my father had three boys—my older brothers—with his first wife, who died, after two years of illness, when my brothers were young. I am his ...
  • [2011-08-17] Contraband 

    Sanchez, Erika
    This dissertation consists of a poetry manuscript that primarily explores themes of class, sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity. The collection is divided into three sections. The first addresses the coming of age of ...
  • [2011-08-19] Convergencias: Critical View Of Traditional And Contemporary Flamenco 

    Casas, Jeanne d'Arc
    There is an evident transformation on the art form that is in part of a rise of contemporary dance and fusions of flamenco. Is this change good or bad to the art form? In this essay I will make parallels with flamenco ...
  • [2014-09-15] Creating Theatre: The Search for a Voice 

    Lopez, Barney
    This essay will explore questions related to the political theatre, the use of irony and satire and Augusto Boal’s “Invisible Theater”. I will analyze my plays, The House That Ché Built, Carson Lake, and Simon as Sergio. ...

    Bennett, Peter J
    Cul-De-Sac: Social Conversation Through the Lens of Jazz Dance, discusses the rise of the suburbs following the Second World War, the homophobic society of the 1950s forcing homosexual men to hide in the closet, and the ...
  • [2013-07-11] The Cull 

    Coffey, Laurel
    The Cull concerns newlyweds who move to rural Tennessee, where the husband has accepted a position as the resident physician for a small town called Sawyer. The long-time physician for the town has retired under duress and ...
  • [2015-09-01] A Currency of Birds 

    Burns, Lucy
    This collection of poetry narrates the experience of woman who has arrived in a desert city without memory of her arrival or her past. The poems explore presence through absence, loss, longing, fragmentation, and the ...
  • [2011-08-19] Dialogue Without A Cause?: The Use of Banter as a Dramatic Device 

    Wehrwein, Nic
    My analysis of others‘ works as well as my own has led me to focus on what I believe is the essential component to my writing—banter. Through discussing Abbott & Costello‘s Who’s on First?, Samuel Beckett‘s Waiting for ...
  • [2010-06-28] The Dilemma of Dezra: An Adolescent Manifesto in Five Parts 

    Phillips, Erin
    The adolescent body and the space of performance both employ a dynamic of liminality - constantly changing and shifting, never “complete,” never able to be fully defined, understood, or categorized. There is a compulsion ...