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  • [2010-09-27] Use of Modern Technology in Rural Development – A case study of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in Odisha 

    Naik, Abhaya K; Swain, Sukhamaya
    Government of India like other governments has been facing the problem of unemployment. During its course of independent existence, it has charted out various schemes to eradicate the same. In the course of the study we ...
  • [2006-03-11] The Way-Out (Nikas) 

    Mahat, Ram S.; Nepal, Pradip; Rana, Pashupati Sumsher; Rijal, Minendra; Thapa, Pari
    Ram Sharan Mahat, Ph.D.: The crown must confine itself constitutionally. The political parties will support a genuine constitutional monarchy. Pradip Nepal: Political extremists are surfacing now because mistakes in governing ...