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    Diagnosis-Related Groups; Financial Management; Health Care Costs; Health Services Administration; Management Information Systems/Trends; Medicare; Patient Care Planning [1]
    Diagnosis/Statistical & Numerical Data; Hospital Information Systems; Hospital Records; Hospitalization/Statistical & Numerical Data; Patient Admission/Statistical & Numerical Data; ; Patient Discharge/Statistical & Numerical Data [1]
    digital archive [1]
    Directories; Disabled Persons; Foundations; Government Agencies; Government Programs; Health Planning Organizations; Health Resources; Internet; Health Services Needs and Demand; Health Systems Agencies; Medicare; National Health Programs; Needs Assessment; Organizations, Organizations, Non-Profit; Regional Health Planning; Regional Medical Programs; United States Indian Health Service; Women; Women's Health; Women's Health Services. [1]
    Directory [Publication Type]; Efficiency, Organizational; Environment; Environmental Health; Environment and Public Health; Government Programs; Guidelines; Health Planning Guidelines; Health Resources; Information Services; National Health Programs; Programs[Publication Type]; Resource Guides [Publication Type]. [1]
    Disaster Planning [1]
    Disasters [1]
    Disease registry [1]
    Dogs, Disabled Persons [1]
    drug information course [1]
    DSpace [1]
    Dspace [1]
    DSpaceUNM [2]
    e-mentoring, mentorship, M-cubed [1]
    EBLIP [4]
    EBLIP6 [2]
    EBSCC [15]
    Economics; Evaluation Studies; Model, Economics; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Services Accessibility; Health Surveys; Rural Health Services; Social Services; Transportation; Transportation of Patients. [1]
    Education [4]
    Education, Continuing [1]