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Subcommittee Report on Gifts


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Subcommittee Report on Gifts

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Title: Subcommittee Report on Gifts
Author: Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Scarneccia, Suellyn; Martinez, W. Ken; Brix, Matt
Subject: Campaign Finance Reform
Governmental Ethics
Political Reform
New Mexico
Abstract: The giving of gifts to show ones appreciation is a valued tradition in New Mexico. However, the giving of gifts to public officials by persons financially interested in their official actions may have a corrupting influence. A clear statutory bright line definition as to when gifts are not acceptable, beyond the current quid pro quo standard, would provide a necessary foundation for effective regulation of lobbying and campaign finance. A clear definition would also make it easier for both public officials and citizens to comply, and thus increase the public’s confidence in its government. This report reviews some options for regulating gifts and provides recommendations.
Date: 2006
Description: 4 p. ; A subcommittee report of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/2618

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