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Subcommittee Report on Campaign Finance


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Subcommittee Report on Campaign Finance

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Title: Subcommittee Report on Campaign Finance
Author: Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform; Montgomery, Andrew; Brazil, Barbara; Miller, Justin; Noel, Jim; Tompkins, Hilary
Subject: Campaign Finance Reform
Governmental Ethics
Political Reform
New Mexico
Campaign Contribution Limits
Abstract: New Mexico is one of a minority of 13 states that do not limit most campaign contributions. The United States Supreme Court has recognized that such limits may serve a state’s compelling interest in preventing corruption and the appearance of corruption in the political process. The Supreme Court has also concluded that reasonable contribution limits do not violate the United States Constitution. This report details several options for the Task Force’s consideration, as well as the subcommittee’s recommendations. In the 2005 Campaign Disclosure Project – Grading State Disclosure Report, New Mexico received a grade of F for its campaign disclosure law. It received an A for its electronic filing program, but accessibility of content and online usability received an F. While New Mexico has a campaign finance law that contains standard provisions found in other states, the results of this report suggest that there is much more that can be done to strengthen our existing legal framework in this area. This report provides some options for consideration.
Date: 2006
Description: 16 p. ; A subcommittee report of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/2617

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