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  • [2006-11-09] Medical humanities at Ghent University: a student's point of view 

    Vergauwen, M; van den Ameele, J; Fraeyman, N; De Maeseneer, J
    Context: Defining and understanding the concept of “Medical Humanities” is a difficult, neverending task, in which consensus hasn’t been reached yet. Around the world, medical schools teach Medical Humanities in different ...
  • [2006-11-09] Students' role in the development of an "optional subjects-line" in a medical curriculum 

    van den Ameele, J; Van Crombrugge, L; Van Braeckel, E
    Context: In 1999, the medical curriculum of Ghent University underwent a fundamental change. The new curriculum is problem-based, emphasizing both horizontal and vertical integration. One of its remarkable qualities is the ...