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  • [2014-01-09] Quantitative K-theory and spin Chern numbers [dataset] 

    Loring, Terry A.
    We examine the various indices defined on pairs of almost commuting unitary matrices that can detect pairs that are far from commuting pairs. We do this is two symmetry classes, that of general unitary matrices and ...
  • [2013-07-05] Troublesome Concepts and Information Literacy [dataset] 

    Townsend, Lori; Brunetti, Korey; Hofer, Amy R.
    Librarians regularly encounter students who struggle to understand and apply information literacy concepts. A qualitative survey administered to information literacy practitioners asked about troublesome content and analyzed ...
  • [2014-03-04] An Ubuntu virtual machine for reproducibility of PeptideBuilder 2014 PeerJ publication. 

    Koch, Steven J.
    A virtual machine definition and virtual disk image is provided to facilitate reproduction of the work presented in the publication “PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides” [1]. The virtual ...