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  • [2015-02-12] K-Theory and Pseudospectra for Topological Insulators [dataset] 

    Loring, Terry A,
    We derive formulas and algorithms for Kitaev's invariants in the periodic table for topological insulators and superconductors for finite disordered systems on lattices with boundaries. We find that $K$-theory arises ...
  • [2013-04-11] Legacy Data from Astronomical Observations [dataset] 

    McGraw, John; Zimmer, Peter
    This data set consists of a series of sweeps from a linear array of charge couple device (CCD) receptors from a stationary telescope near Albuquerque NM. The data was recorded between 1984 and 1989.
  • [2011-05-02] Microtubule Gliding Assay [dataset] 

    Maloney, Andy; Koch, Steve
    These data are images of gliding motility assays using kinesin-1 and 29% rhodamine tagged microtubules. Each image was taken with an Andor Luca S EMCCD camera with a gain of 150 and an exposure of 100 ms. A total of 600 ...
  • [2014-02-12] Mind's Eye Project [dataset] 

    Armstrong, Jan
    The focus of this study is on the relationship between economic structure and patterns of culture acquisition in a developing nation. The study investigates some of the ways in which the macrocultural processes of cultural ...
  • [2012-11-06] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regulatory Notice and Comment Periods [dataset] 

    Cavazos, David
    The data represents one of several projects examining the federal regulatory rulemaking process and its intersection with agency strategy, corporate and media influence, and judicial review. The data was collected with the ...
  • [2012-04-24] New Mexico and Colorado Spanish Survey [dataset] 

    Vigil, Neddy; Bills, Garland
    Data set representing results of the first comprehensive, quantitative survey of New Mexican Spanish as spoken by resident native speakers. Approximately 350-400 interviews were conducted, with a combined response set of ...
  • [2013-12-17] Principal angles and approximation for quaternionic projections [dataset] 

    Loring, Terry A.
    We extend Jordan's notion of principal angles to work for two subspaces of quaternionic space, and so have a method to analyze two orthogonal projections in the matrices over the real, complex or quaternionic field (or ...
  • [2014-01-09] Quantitative K-theory and spin Chern numbers [dataset] 

    Loring, Terry A.
    We examine the various indices defined on pairs of almost commuting unitary matrices that can detect pairs that are far from commuting pairs. We do this is two symmetry classes, that of general unitary matrices and ...
  • [2013-07-05] Troublesome Concepts and Information Literacy [dataset] 

    Townsend, Lori; Brunetti, Korey; Hofer, Amy R.
    Librarians regularly encounter students who struggle to understand and apply information literacy concepts. A qualitative survey administered to information literacy practitioners asked about troublesome content and analyzed ...
  • [2014-03-04] An Ubuntu virtual machine for reproducibility of PeptideBuilder 2014 PeerJ publication. 

    Koch, Steven J.
    A virtual machine definition and virtual disk image is provided to facilitate reproduction of the work presented in the publication “PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides” [1]. The virtual ...