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  • [2015-05-11] Should Agencies Enforce? 

    Max Minzner
    This Article explores an important but understudied structural choice: the decision to vest enforcement authority in administrative agencies. Each year, agencies routinely bring enforcement actions producing billions of ...
  • [2015-04-07] A Sentencing Commission for the Administrative State? 

    Minzner, Max
    Since the 1980s, oversight of punishment in the federal criminal system has been centralized. A single body, the Sentencing Commission, regulates criminal punishment through the Sentencing Guidelines. The Guidelines are ...
  • [2015-04-07] Breaking Bad in the Classroom 

    Minzner, Max
    Breaking Bad is often described as the transformation of Walter White—Mr. Chips becomes Scarface. Equally significant, though, are the journeys of Hank Schrader, his DEA pursuer, and Hank’s colleagues. The show is a study ...

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