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High energy Pb+Pb collisions viewed by pion interferometry


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High energy Pb+Pb collisions viewed by pion interferometry

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Title: High energy Pb+Pb collisions viewed by pion interferometry
Author: Fields, Douglas E.; Bearden, I. G.; Boggild, H.; Boissevain, J.; Dodd, J.; Erazmus, B.; Esumi, S.; Fabjan, C. W.; Ferenc, D.; Franz, A.; Gaardhoje, J.; Hamelin, M.; Hansen, A. G.; Hansen, O.; Hardtke, D.; Van Hecke, H.; Holzer, E. B.; Humanic, T. J.; Hummel, P.; Jacak, B. V.; Jayanti, R.; Kaimi, K.; Kaneta, M.; Kohama, T.; Kopytine, M.; Leltchouk, M.; Ljubicic, A. Jr.; Lorstad, B.; Maeda, N.; Malina, R.; Medvedev, A.; Murray, M.; Ohnishi, H.; Paic, G.; Pandey, S. U.; Piuz, F.; Pluta, J.; Polychronakos, V.; Potekhin, M.; Poulard, G.; Reichhold, D.; Sakaguchi, A.; Simon-Gillo, J.; Schmidt-Sorensen, J.; Sondheim, W.; Spegel, M.; Sugitate, T.; Sullivan, J. P.; Sumi, Y.; Willis, W. J.; Wolf, K. L.; Xu, N.; Zachary, D. S.
Abstract: Two-pion correlations from Pb1Pb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon are measured by the NA44 experiment at CERN. Multidimensional fits characterize the emission volume, which is found to be larger than in S-induced collisions. Comparison to the RQMD model is used to relate the fit parameters to the actual emission volume.
Date: 1998-09
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review C, 58(3): 1656-1665
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/20449

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