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Robust lateral control of highway vehicles


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Robust lateral control of highway vehicles

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Title: Robust lateral control of highway vehicles
Author: Abdallah, Chaouki T.; Byrne, Raymond H.
Subject: Control systems
Frequency domain analysis
Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation problem
Abstract: Vehicle lateral dynamics are affected by vehicle mass, longitudinal velocity, vehicle inertia, and the cornering stiffness of the tires. All of these parameters are subject to variation, even over the course of a single trip. Therefore, a practical lateral control system must guarantee stability, and hopefully ride comfort, over a wide range of parameter changes. This paper describes a robust controller which theoretically guarantees stability over a wide range of parameter changes. The robust controller is designed using a frequency domain transfer function approach. An uncertainty band in the frequency domain is determined using simulations over the range of expected parameter variations. Based on this bound, a robust controller is designed by solving the Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation problem. The performance of the robust controller is then evaluated over the range of parameter variations through simulations.
Date: 1994-10-24
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of the Intelligent Vehicles' 94 Symposium: 375-380
Description: Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/IVS.1994.639547
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/20380
ISBN: 0-7803-2135-9

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