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  • [2010-10-06] Dimensions in Health : A Sample of Rural and Global Health Issues 

    McClelland, Sandra L.; Steel, Susan; Marsh, Laura; Radasa, Trinette; Ticas, Lourdes; DelGrande, Angela; Browning, Gloria; Smith, Jane L.; Kuhlmann, Kristin; Ice, Unchalee Vatanasook; Lottis, Karen; Payment, Dale
    We invite you to explore an array of issues touching culture, rurality, or both, in the following collection of essays. In this class, we have defined both culture and rurality broadly and in expansive contexts. Much remains ...
  • [2010-05-01] A Sample of Rural and Global Health Issues 

    Bett, Carol; Cechanowicz, Barbara; Chapman, Demetrius; Hernandez, Stephen; Kriegor, Hannelore; Mayo, Melanie; Phoenix, Loyce; Rios, Conrad; Sellstrom, Teresa; Veltman, Max
    The challenges faced by local, national, and global communities in an ever-changing world have continued to grow as we complete the first decade of the 21st century. The doctoral students writing this book undertook the ...