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Individual variation in EEG spectral power enhancement and intelligence


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Individual variation in EEG spectral power enhancement and intelligence

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Title: Individual variation in EEG spectral power enhancement and intelligence
Author: Euler, Matthew J, 1981-
Advisor(s): Yeo, Ronald
Committee Member(s): Hamilton, Derek
Jung, Rex
Tesche, Claudia
Thoma, Robert
Weisend, Michael
Department: University of New Mexico. Dept. of Psychology
Subject(s): intelligence
time-frequency analysis
individual differences
LC Subject(s): Intellect--Physiological aspects.
Theta rhythm.
Degree Level: Doctoral
Abstract: This study tested the relationship between short-term neuroplasticity and individual differences in intelligence. Twenty-two participants completed cognitive testing and a visual EEG experiment involving exposures to repeated and novel stimuli. Time-frequency analyses of phase-locked (evoked) and non-phase-locked (induced) power showed a small effect of decreasing evoked/induced theta (4-8 Hz) ratios over stimulus exposures, irrespective of condition. Hypotheses that intelligence would relate to an increase in this ratio over exposures were not supported. However, the magnitude of the ratio positively correlated with intelligence; while the amount of induced gamma (30-50Hz) activation pre- to post-stimulus was highly inversely related to g. Results suggest that transient changes in neural network phase strongly relate to intelligence in physiological measurements acquired over brief intervals.
Graduation Date: July 2010
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/11184

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