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GUARDIAN : automated patient monitoring system


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GUARDIAN : automated patient monitoring system

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Title: GUARDIAN : automated patient monitoring system
Author: Silva, Johnny C, 1981
Advisor(s): Jayaweera, Sudharman
Committee Member(s): Zarkesh-Ha, Payman
Christodoulou, Christos
Department: University of New Mexico. Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Subject: Telemedicine
Patient Monitoring
Vital signs
LC Subject(s): Telecommunication in medicine.
Patient monitoring--Automation.
Real-time data processing.
Degree Level: Masters
Abstract: Telemedicine allows medical professionals to monitor, examine, and consult with patients remotely by transferring medical information via wireless communication technologies. This thesis describes the design and implementation of a new automated patient monitoring system. In many cases, vital signs, location data, and other patient information are currently not tracked in a real-time automated fashion. The remote monitoring system proposed and developed in this thesis has the ability to provide doctors/healthcare professionals with 24-hour access to real-time patient information, as well as historical data of every one of their patients. A prototype automated patient monitoring system was constructed to demonstrate general telemedicine system design concepts. The prototype consists of sensor units worn by each patient that monitor real-time vital signs information and wirelessly transmit it to a central monitoring computer (CMC) for processing. A graphical user interface displays this real-time data. This project identified the required components of a wireless automated patient monitoring system and demonstrated one possible implementation methodology for such a system. This stand-alone prototype automated patient monitoring system was successfully designed, built, and tested. The prototype system described in this thesis is focused on patient monitoring within a medical facility. This same system can be slightly modified to achieve different types of monitoring in different situations such as child care facilities and home healthcare. Possible future monitoring technologies are explored.
Graduation Date: May 2010
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/10849

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