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  • [2009-07-08] Nonparametric estimation of first passage time distributions in flowgraph models 

    Collins, David
    Statistical flowgraphs represent multistate semi-Markov processes using integral transforms of transition time distributions between adjacent states; these are combined algebraically and inverted to derive parametric ...
  • [2011-09-16] Scan statistics for the online detection of locally anomalous subgraphs 

    Neil, Joshua
    Identifying anomalies in computer networks is a challenging and complex problem. Often, anomalies occur in extremely local areas of the network. Locality is complex in this setting, since we have an underlying graph ...
  • [2010-02-09] Stable isotope sourcing using sampling 

    Erhardt, Erik
    Stable isotope sourcing is used to estimate proportional contributions of sources to a mixture, such as in the analysis of animal diets, plant nutrient use, geochemistry, pollution, and forensics. We focus on animal ecology ...