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  • [2009-07-09] Hans-Ulrich Treichel's Der Verlorene: Trans-Generational Trauma, Guilt And Shame 

    Riley, Anja Jennifer
    The public and private discourse about Germany’s past under Hitler has recently undergone a significant shift. Instead of focusing on Germans as perpetrators, the last two decades have been dominated by discussions about ...
  • [2012-07-07] Identität bei Herta Müller: Schreiben als Mittel der Selbstbehauptung 

    Bologa, Elvine
    In her strongly autobiographic work, Herta Müller examines various aspects of homelessness and explores ways to understand her unstable, transitory subject positions. Due to the constant movement as a result of overdetermination ...
  • [2009-07-09] The 'Uncanny' and The Android 

    Cooperstein, Noah
    The character of the android is found widely in film and literature. While she appears across the entire spectrum of genres, she most often makes her appearance in the uncanny text. This appearance is nearly always ...