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  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1961) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §4.1. Introduction. It has often been argued that certainty is desirable, if indeed not necessary, in that branch of the law which adjusts rights in commercial disputes. Entrepreneurs have the responsibility of weighing ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1962) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §4.1. Introduction. The 1961 Annual Suroey of American Law pointed to the Uniform Commercial Code as the most significant development in the law of contracts during recent years. This statute, with its many provisions ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1963) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §4.1. Introduction. None of the contract cases decided during the 1963 Survey year requires extensive comment. This conclusion probably reflects an approval of the manner in which the Supreme .Judicial Court handled the ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1964) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §6.1. Covenants not to compete. In the 1961 ANNUAL SURVEY, attention was called to the large number of cases involving covenants not to compete.1 In that year most of the litigation pitted employer against employee.2 ...
  • [2015-09-03] Contracts (1965) 

    Hart, Frederick M.
    §6.1. General. The most important development of the decade in contract law has been the gradual acceptance of the Uniform Commercial Code. Now, as over forty states have adopted the Code, another significant task is being ...
  • [2007-01-16] Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform Materials: Part Two (Bibliography) 

    Unknown author
    This is a listing of citations of state laws governing governmental ethics. This list includes citations of material from state ethics commissions and the National Conference of State Legislatures.