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  • [2007-02-27] Handbook on State-Tribal Relations 

    Commission on State-Tribal Relations
    An analytical look at the state-tribal relationship insofar as it resembles other intergovernmental relationships and insofar as it is unique. The Handbook provides a framework for looking at tribes and states taking into ...
  • [2007-04-13] The Indian Child Welfare Act; An Acknowledgement of Sovereignty in the Best Interests of the Child 

    Hay, Cedric Ian
    In part II of this paper the social, legislative, and judicial histories that lead to the situation that the ICWA was designed to correct will be discussed. There was substantial testimony before Congress during the creation ...
  • [2007-04-13] The Power Structure of the Three Affiliated Tribes 

    Ford, Rebecca Anne Birdsbill
    This paper explores the effect of the Indian Reorganization Act on the Three Affiliated Tribes: The Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nations of Fort Berthold, North Dakota. The main purpose of this paper is to invite tribal ...