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    Federal Legislation| Yavapai-Prescott| AZ| Coachella Valley Irrigation District| US| Prescott| amend| contract| effective| revive| settlement| tribe [1]
    Federal Legislation| Zuni| US| AZ| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandon| acquisition| agreement| appropriation| authorize| capita| code| conflict| County| cultural| dam| damages| decree| develop| dispute| diversion| economic| effective| effluent| endangered| enforcement| facility| fee| fish| flow| forfeit| fund| freedom| Gila| groundwater| Heaven| immemorial| immunity| implement| injury| instream| intergovernmental| invest| irrigation| judgment| Kolhu:wala:wa| lease| municipal| non-Indian| litigation| Meridian| negotiations| oil| perpetuity| plan| political| pumping| quantify| rehabilitate| reimburse| release| religious| reports| reserved| reservation| resolution| restore| riparian| right-of-way| ROW| Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District| SRPAI&PD| Sacred| Salt| secretary| self-determination| sell| settlement| supply| surface| sustenance| tax| transfer| tribe| trust| vest| water quality| WQ| water| waiver| wetland| wildlife [1]
    Federal Policy [1]
    Federal Regulation [1]
    Federal Regulations [3]
    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure [1]
    Federal Sovereignty [1]
    Federal Statutes [5]
    Federal-State Partnerships [1]
    Federalism [1]
    Female Genital Mutilation [1]
    Fetal Health [2]
    Feticide [1]
    Fifth Amendment [1]
    File Sharing [2]
    Find Function [3]
    findings letter [1]
    Fire Management [1]
    First Amendment [2]
    First Year Law [1]