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    Federal Legislation| Apache| Jicarilla| USA| amendment| deadline| decree| settlement [1]
    Federal legislation| Chippewa-Cree| Rocky Boy| Reservation| US| MT| settlement| accounts| acre-feet| adjudication| administrate| allocate| amend| appropriate| authorize| Beaver| Bonneau| Brown’s| Canada| code| Compact| construct| cost-share| court| dam| damages| decree| develop| diversion| domestic| drought| economic| Elder| Elwell| environmental| expend| expiration| facilities| feasibility| Fork| fund| groundwater| homeland| industrial| interior| immemorial| implement| interest| invest| lease| Marias| Missouri| municipal| Pick-Sloane| project| principle| ratify| Reclamation| regional| reserved| reservoir| rural| Sandy| secretary| self-governance| self-determination| sovereign| study| storage| supply| surface| sustainable| Tiber| Towe| transfer| Treasury| waiver| withdraw| water quality [1]
    Federal Legislation| Jicarilla| Apache| US| NM| AFY| abandon| adjudication| allocate| appropriate| approve| Aragon| authorize| capita| Chama| claim| Compact| conflict| conservation| contract| council| court| dam| decree| develop| divert| forfeit| endangered| flows| fund| hydrologic| interior| judgment| lease| litigation| Navajo| NEPA|non-use| OMR| preempt| ratify| reservoir| reserved| reservation| return| SJC| SJR| secretary| settlement| supply| treaty| tribe| trust| [1]
    Federal Legislation| Navajo| NM| New Mexico| US| Aamodt| abandon| Abeyta| acquire| Act| adjudication| agreement| agriculture| allocate| allottee| amend| Animas-La Plata| apportion| appropriate| aquaculture| Arellano| Arizona| AZ| authorize| bank| Belknap| Blackfeet| Bloomfield| capita| Colorado| CO| Colorado River Compact| CRC| Colorado River Storage Project| CRSP| commercial| conflict| conjunctive use well| construct| consumptive use| contract| convey| cost-share| Crow| dam| damages| decree| Department of Interior| deplete| divert| dollars| domestic| drought| effective| Endangered Species Act| ESA| evaporation| Farmington| fish| flood| flow| forbearance| forfeit| fund| Gallup| groundwater| habitat| Hammond| hydroelectric| hydrographic| hydropower| immunity| implement| industrial| infrastructure| instream| interest rate| interior| irrigate| Jicarilla Apache| judgment| Kirkland| land| lease| litigate| Lower Colorado River Basin| LCRB| map| market| municipal| Nambé| Navajo| Navajo Reservoir Water Bank| Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project| NGWSP| National Environmental Policy Act| NEPA| Nighthorse Reservoir| Navajo Indian Irrigation Project| NIIP| non-reimbursable| operation maintenance & repair| OM&R| pipeline| Pojoaque| power| project| Pueblo| pump| quantity| reallocate| Reclamation| Reclamation Water Settlements Fund| recovery| release| repay| reservoir| Ridges| runoff| sale| San Ildefonso| San Juan River| SJR| settlement| Shiprock| shortage| spill| storage| subordinate| surface water| survey| Taos| Tesuque| transfer| treatment| tribe| trust| underground storage| Upper Colorado River Basin Compact| UCRBC| Ute| waiver| waste| water| water supply| well| wildlife [1]
    Federal Legislation| settlement| Jicarilla Apache| US| amendment [1]
    Federal Legislation| UMU| SU |CO| US| AFY| ALPP| ALPPC| ALPCD| AR| acquisition| appropriate| augment| authorize| BO| capita| capital| clean| commission| Compact| construct| consult| contract| cost| cost-share| CUSF| decree| depletion| develop| diversion| Dolores| endangered| engineer| enhancement| environment| ESA| facility| firm| fish| future| FWPCA| industrial| implement| interior| invest| irrigate| LPCD| LPR| litigation| municipal| Navajo| NEPA| NM| NMISC| NR| non-Indian| non-reimbursable| OMR| permit| present| pump| rata| ROD| reclamation| recreation| repay| reservoir| resource| rural| secretary| settlement| Shiprock| SJRRIP| SJWC| SUTRF| state legislation| species| storage| substitute| supply| TRF| tribe| trust| UMUTRF| waiver| wildlife [1]
    federal legislation| UMU| SU| CO | ALP| BO | construction| facility| implement| interior| NM| secretary| settlement| US [1]
    Federal Legislation| UMU| SU| CO| US| AF| ALP| ALPP| ALPPCSA| administrate| agriculture| appropriation| authorize| capita| CRSPA| CRBPA| Compact| construct| contract| CR| CRC| decree| defer| distribute| Dolores| Dry| effective| Florida| fund| Hollow| income| implement| interior| invest| irrigate| lease| Leavitt| litigation| member| municipal| NM| Nighthorse| non-Indian| OMR| project| pump| rata| release| reclamation| repay| reserved| resolution| revenue| Ridges| sale| secretary| SUDF settlement| standby| TDF| treaty| tribe| UCRBF| UMUDF| void| waiver [1]
    Federal Policy [1]
    Federal Regulation [1]
    Federal Regulations [3]
    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure [1]
    Federal Sovereignty [1]
    Federal Statutes [5]
    Federal-State Partnerships [1]
    Federalism [1]
    Female Genital Mutilation [1]
    Fetal Health [2]
    Feticide [1]
    FHIR| Shoshone-Bannock| Code| Secretary| Commission| allottee| WRD| license| permit| fish| allocation| transfers| non-use| hearing| appeal| penalties| reversion| engineer| penalties| immunity| regulations| rules| GW| cultural| spiritual| economic| springs| health| welfare| domestic| agricultural| stock| instream| over-appropriation| religious| traditional| decree| snake river| beneficial use| priority| dam| damages| allotment| lease| fisheries| market| municipal| non-Indian| reservoir| settlement| waiver| waste| wildlife| tribe| water| right [1]