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    Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure [1]
    Federal Sovereignty [1]
    Federal Statutes [5]
    Federal-State Partnerships [1]
    Federalism [1]
    Female Genital Mutilation [1]
    Fetal Health [2]
    Feticide [1]
    FHIR| Shoshone-Bannock| Code| Secretary| Commission| allottee| WRD| license| permit| fish| allocation| transfers| non-use| hearing| appeal| penalties| reversion| engineer| penalties| immunity| regulations| rules| GW| cultural| spiritual| economic| springs| health| welfare| domestic| agricultural| stock| instream| over-appropriation| religious| traditional| decree| snake river| beneficial use| priority| dam| damages| allotment| lease| fisheries| market| municipal| non-Indian| reservoir| settlement| waiver| waste| wildlife| tribe| water| right [1]
    Fifth Amendment [1]
    File Sharing [2]
    Find Function [3]
    findings letter [1]
    Fire Management [1]
    First Amendment [2]
    First Year Law [1]
    First-Party Claims [1]
    Fish [2]
    FLg |AZ| Yavapai| AFY| access| acquire| adjudication| agriculture| allot| Apache| appropriate | assess| augment| authorize| Bartlett| CAP| CAWCD| carry-over| CDF| Chandler| Chino| Community| Conservation| contract| contribute| construction| convert| cost| cost-share| Cottonwood| decree| Defense| deliver| develop| dispute| distribute| District| divert| economic| ecosystem |effective| effluent| endangered| entitle| environment| ESA| exchange| exclude| expand| facility| firm| flow| fund| future| Gila| Gilbert| Glendale| grazing| groundwater| Harquahala| Horseshoe| immemorial| immunity| impair| implement| injury| interest| irrigation| Kent| land| lease| litigation| loss| M&I| Maricopa| market| Mesa| mitigate| monitor| NEPA| non-Indian| OMR| ownership| past| permit| Phelps| Phoenix| Pinal| Pima| Prescott| present| priority| project| public| pump| purchase| quantify| ratify| reclamation| regulation| rehabilitate| release| relinquish| repay| replace| reservation| right| Roosevelt| ROW| Salt| SCAT| Scottsdale| seasonal| self| sell| SRP| Sullivan| secretary| species| Spikedance| storage| study| suit| surface| system| Tempe| threatened| Tort| transfer| tribe| trust| Verde| waiver| water| watershed [1]
    FLg| Cheyenne| MT| US| AFY| acquire| administer| agree| allocate| allot| appropriate| authorize| BIA| code| capita| Compact| contract| conserve| construct| cost| convey| crow| dam| decree| DNRC| develop| economic| effective| enforce| engineering| environment| exchange| expend| fish| fund| habitat| horn| hydropower| immunity| implement| index| industrial| interior| land| lease| loan| M&I| market| moratorium| members| mitigation| nation| non-reimburse| notice| OM&R| operation| pick| preference| project| quantity| ratify| reclamation| referendum| reimburse| repair| reserved| reservoir| reservation| resource| resolution| revenue| sale| secretary| settlement| species| state| storage| Tongue| trust| waiver| water| wildlife| Yellowtail [1]