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    Data Interpretation, Statistical; Efficiency, Organizational; Evaluation Studies; Financial Management; Guideline Adherence; Health Care Costs; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Policy/Trends; Health Services Administration/Legislation & Jurisprudence; Health Services Planning; Policy Making; Program Evaluation [1]
    Data Mining [1]
    data warehouse [1]
    Database [3]
    database [1]
    Database Management Systems/standards; Documentation/standards; Quality Assurance, Health Care; Population Surveillance; Terminology [1]
    database searching [1]
    Databases, Bibliographic [1]
    Decision Making, Computer-Assisted [1]
    degradation [1]
    Deliberate self harm [1]
    Delivery of Health Care/Economics; Disabled Children; Domestic Violence; Foundations; Intergenerational Relations; Maternal-Child Nursing; Maternal Health Services; Medicine, Traditional; Motor Vehicles; Spouse Abuse; Substance-Related Disorders; Violence; Wounds and Injuries [1]
    Delivery of Health Care/Economics; Efficiency, Organizational; Health Care Costs; Health Economics; Health Manpower; Health Services/Organization & Administration; Health Services Administration; Health Services Needs and Demand [1]
    Delivery of Health Care/Legislation &Jurisprudence; Delivery of Health Care/Organization & Administration; Delivery of Health Care/Trends; Public Policy; Quality of Health Care; [1]
    Delivery of Health Care/Organization & Administration; Efficiency, Organizational; Health Care Quality, Access and Evaluation; Quality Assurance, Health Care [1]
    Delivery of Health Care/Trends; Financial Management; Health Care Costs; Health Care Economics and Organizations; Health Services Administration; Information Management; Insurance; Managed Care; Health Maintenance Organizations [1]
    Delivery of Health Care; Demography; Health Care Costs; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Care Quality, Access, and Evaluation; Health Expenditures; Health Planning Guidelines; Health Services Administration; Needs Assessment; Population; Population Characteristics; Population Density; Program Development; Social Conditions; Urban Population [1]
    Delivery of Health Care; Government Programs/USA; Health Care Surveys; Health Status; Health Services Needs and Demands; Health Surveys [1]
    Delivery of Health Care; Health Policy; Health Services Administration; Health Services; Rural Health Services [1]
    Delivery of Health Care; Health Services Accessibility; Health Status Indicators; Program Evaluation [1]