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  • [2014-08-20] Inhabited Landscapes: Nudes, Spirituality, and Coevality in the Landscape Paintings of Armando Morales 

    Emmer, Regina
    The Nicaraguan artist Armando Morales (1927-2011) has received considerable attention in recent scholarship for his work as a ‘Magical Realist’ painter—a label that has drawn attention to the “dreamlike” and “mythic” ...
  • [2011-08-17] The Paper-Haired God 

    Boat, Chris
    This dissertation consists of a novella entitled The Paper Haired God. It is the story of a man named Jason who one day (after dropping his wife Akiko off at the airport to visit friends) decides to crawl into the cabinet ...
  • [2013-07-11] Skinning the Deer: A Love Story 

    Campbell, Heather
    This dissertation consists of a novel entitled Skinning the Deer: A Love Story. Alternating between the landscapes of New Mexico and rural Maine, the novel examines the life of tortured lesbian Hannah Huff and the brutal ...