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Nuclear Family Conflict and Cooperation among Tsimane' Forager-Horticulturalists of Bolivia


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Nuclear Family Conflict and Cooperation among Tsimane' Forager-Horticulturalists of Bolivia

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dc.contributor.author Stieglitz, Jonathan
dc.date.accessioned 2010-02-09T21:57:43Z
dc.date.available 2010-02-09T21:57:43Z
dc.date.issued 2010-02-09T21:57:43Z
dc.date.submitted December 2009
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/1928/10350
dc.description.abstract Household production is the result of inputs from a variety of members, each of whom contains overlapping but non-identical interests. This dissertation explores the conditions under which the division of labor and the allocation of household resources precipitates parent-offspring and spousal conflict. This broad goal is addressed through three specific goals: 1) to identify factors affecting variation in the likelihood of task delegation to children and resistance toward performing delegated tasks; 2) to understand how variation in household labor demand influences children’s time allocation, considering ways in which behavioral manipulation might compromise the child’s future prospects; and 3) to understand the causes and consequences of men’s diverted investment in offspring. Common to each of these issues is the recognition that individuals often face a trade-off between investing in ego- versus family-directed pursuits, and that the costs and benefits of familial investment will change in response to specific individual and familial circumstances. Taken together, results show that at times self-interest pervades relations of even the closest of kin. This highlights a need for the development of models of family behavior that incorporate children and parents as effective decision-makers capable of influencing outcomes with respect to converging and diverging goals. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject parent-offspring conflict en_US
dc.subject spousal violence en_US
dc.subject Tsimane en_US
dc.subject time allocation en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Chimane Indians--Psychology
dc.subject.lcsh Chimane Indians--Time management
dc.subject.lcsh Nuclear families--Psychological aspects
dc.subject.lcsh Parent and child
dc.subject.lcsh Spouse abuse
dc.title Nuclear Family Conflict and Cooperation among Tsimane' Forager-Horticulturalists of Bolivia en_US
dc.type Dissertation en_US
dc.description.degree Anthropology en_US
dc.description.level Doctoral en_US
dc.description.department University of New Mexico. Dept. of Anthropology en_US
dc.description.advisor Kaplan, Hillard
dc.description.committee-member Lancaster, Jane
dc.description.committee-member Winking, Jeffrey
dc.description.committee-member Gangestad, Steven
dc.description.committee-member Gurven, Michael

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