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The City as a Growth Machine: Reynosa, MX


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The City as a Growth Machine: Reynosa, MX

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Title: The City as a Growth Machine: Reynosa, MX
Author: Hirschberg, Victoria
Advisor(s): Henkel, David
Committee Member(s): Tiano, Susan
Imeokaparia, Timoth
Department: University of New Mexico. School of Architecture and Planning
Subject: economic development planning
U.S.-Mexico border
LC Subject(s): Reinosa (Mexico)--Economic conditions
McAllen (Tex.)--Economic conditions
Regional planning--Mexican-American Border Region
Degree Level: Masters
Abstract: As cities grow in size and population and focus on job creation, their leaders face the challenge of balancing economic development and providing citizens with services. The city of Reynosa, Mexico, located on the border across from McAllen, TX, has experienced rapid population growth, increased commercial and manufacturing sectors, thus positioning itself on the global scale. However, development officials in McAllen also facilitate this growth by assisting Reynosa in the recruitment of maquiladoras, or export-processing plants. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between economic development and planning practices in Reynosa. The study aims to discuss how Reynosa administrations have promoted economic development, but have failed in ensuring its burgeoning population has housing, services and infrastructure. The research uses quantitative data and interviews from officials in Reynosa and McAllen to show this relationship. Overall, this study indicates that in order for Reynosa to position itself as a city prime for economic development at the global scale, it must find a more balanced approach to planning for its population.
Graduation Date: December 2009
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/10328

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