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  • [2015-01-28] Community ecology, climate change and ecohydrology in desert grassland and shrubland 

    Petrie, Matthew
    This dissertation explores the climate, ecology and hydrology of Chihuahuan Desert ecosystems in the context of global climate change. In coming decades, the southwestern United States is projected to experience greater ...
  • [2012-08-28] Effects of global change on savanna grassland ecosystems 

    Koerner, Sally
    Humans are altering the environment locally and globally through climate and land use change. Global temperature is increasing, precipitation patterns are becoming more variable, disturbance regimes are being altered, and ...
  • [2011-07-01] Home/land: Kiowa, New Mexico- A Grassland's Story 

    Yaryan, Heather R.
    The purpose of this thesis was to illustrate how cultural and natural histories inform place-based community planning. Utilizing both cultural and natural histories, the planner may begin to see patterns of habitancy as ...