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  • [2006-08-30] City of Raton Community Audit, Deliverable 2: Demographic, Economic and Labor Force Analysis 

    Reynis, Lee A.; Sylvester, Tony
    This report, part of the community audit of Raton, N.M., profiles the City’s role in the regional economy and examines its economic and demographic factors. Raton’s employment, housing, business, and labor force characteristics ...
  • [2006-08-30] City of Raton: Labor Force, Employment, and the Future 

    Reynis, Lee A.; Sylvester, Tony
    A slide presentation of the “community audit” of Raton, N.M., summarizing the results of research into Raton’s labor force supply, occupational needs, and economic market area, with recommendations for future economic ...
  • [2006-05-21] Labor Force, Employment, and the Future: Final Report of The City of Raton Community Audit 

    Reynis, Lee A.; Sylvester, Tony
    An analysis of the economy and labor force in Raton, New Mexico. Changes in the demographic composition and educational and skill levels of the workforce, as well as changes in the local economy’s industries are described ...
  • [2011-07-28] The Market for Affordable Housing in Taos, New Mexico 

    Mitchell, Jeffrey; O'Donnell, Michael
    This report presents the findings of a study done by the UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research on contract for the Town of Taos, New Mexico, and UNM’s Taos branch campus to analyze the Taos housing market. The initial ...
  • [2006-08-30] Raton Community Audit: Preliminary Research Findings 

    Reynis, Lee A.; Sylvester, Tony
    This report presents the preliminary findings of research into the Raton, N.M. economic region. Raton’s economy, industries, labor force and business establishments are examined. Illustrated with maps, charts and tables.
  • [2010-08-17] Status of Nurses in New Mexico 

    Ruiz, Daren
    The New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence commissioned BBER to conduct two studies on NM’s nursing resources. This first study analyzed the current and projected nursing workforce. The study is in three parts: an ...
  • [2006-03-19] Training and Education Needs for Valencia County: A Survey of Businesses in Valencia County 

    Ulibarrí, Billy; Grassberger, Robert
    The University of New Mexico – Valencia Campus (UNMVC) retained the Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER) to survey local organizations about their perceptions of the current workforce and their training and ...