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  • [2011-06-30] Biofuels Fighting for Space in Central America and Cuba 

    Sánchez, Adriana E.
    Brazil has found great success building its ethanol industry with the use of sugarcane, and there are suggestions that other countries in Latin America might replicate this feat, allowing them to use biofuels to increase ...
  • [2010-05-27] Central America caught in the changing political and moral environment of ethanol 

    NotiCen writers
    One of the outcomes of US President George W. Bush's recent trip to Latin America was a rare convergence of opinion between London's The Economist and Havana's Fidel Castro. The newspaper could not resist calling Castro ...
  • [2010-02-09] Citizenship, Religion and Revolution in Cuba 

    Watson, Carolyn
    Throughout the twentieth century, various Cuban regimes have tried to eliminate the practice of religions of African origin by combining repressive legislation and coercive social practices that stigmatized practitioners ...
  • [2012-03-23] Cuba's Sugar Industry Tries to Recover after Production Falls to Century-old Levels 

    Vázquez, Daniel
    The Cuban sugar crop is being harvested, and a new management system is being put to the test. This model required the end of the historic Ministerio de Azúcar (MINAZ) last September to reduce bureaucratic organizations, ...

    NotiCen writers
    To reduce energy costs, the Ministry of Basic Industry (MINBAS) announced in early March that it would increase domestic oil production this year by more than 30% to a total output of 23.8 million barrels. Production of ...

    NotiCen writers
    The April 11 coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has had serious consequences for Cuba as coup leaders abruptly stopped scheduled shipments of oil to Cuba. Shipments did not resume after the collapse of the ...
  • [2011-06-30] Cuba’s Oil Plans Gather Speed with Foreign Aid Causing U.S. Concern 

    Daniel Vázquez
    Cuba is accelerating its oil-sector investments to increase its production, triple its refining capacity, and tap potential reserves in its exclusive economic zone in the Gulf of Mexico through a strategy that is attracting ...
  • [2011-06-17] Decree No. 197 - Creates the National Committee of the Turquino-Manati Plan 

    Ministry Council; Consejo de Ministros
    The Committee has as goals to: contribute to the improvement and preservation of the social and life conditions of the population in these areas in order to ensure their continuance; favor the development and introduction ...
  • [2011-06-17] Decree No. 222 - Mining Law Regulations 

    Ministry Council; Consejo de Ministros
    Regulates the policy established in the Mining Law, including the presentation of a study of environmental impact for the areas to be subject to mining.
  • [2011-06-17] Decreto No. 115 - Technical and Energy State Inspection Areas 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    The Technical area on Energy will have as one of its functions to propose industrial applications that use renewable energy sources in energy transformation systems.
  • [2010-05-27] El Salvador a microcosm of the biofuels macrocosm 

    NotiCen writers
    Having proved itself a worthy ally in the Iraq war by steadfastly continuing to send its troops into that inferno, El Salvador has earned a place on a new front in US global policy, the ethanol wars. US President George ...
  • [2012-03-05] Energía nuclear en América Latina: antes y después del desastre japonés 

    Isbell, Paul
    This article begins by outlining the use of nuclear energy in Latin America as compared to other regions of the world. More specifically, it details the history and current output of energy from the six nuclear reactors ...
  • [2012-08-27] Getting energy out of wind 

    Rojas Aguilera, Alexis
    This article briefly discusses the positive impact of the wind industry on both social and economic development in Cuba.
  • [2010-09-21] Havana, Caracas Strengthen Economic Pragmatism in Bilateral Relations 

    Unknown author
    Havana’s economic relations with Caracas are increasing under the government of President Raúl Castro. There is now a sense of greater pragmatism in commercial projects and industrial joint ventures, while the political ...
  • [2011-09-01] How Is China Changing Latin America's Energy Sector? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    China recently announced several loans worth billions of dollars to Ecuador and Venezuela—to be paid back largely in the form of oil—for public works, energy and infrastructure projects. These investments and others have ...

    Woodard, Blair
    This dissertation examines the visual discourse between Cuba and the United States that has helped shape the foreign relations between the two countries over the last fifty years. Images celebrating proximity and metaphorical ...
  • [2013-07-11] The Invasive Kind 

    Hjelm, Christina
    This essay will explore the representation of the Latin American female identity in Dramatic Narratives. It analyzes the sexualized Latina stereotype frequently portrayed in the media and discusses how I, as a Cuban American ...
  • [2011-10-26] Is the U.S. Likely to Engage with Cuba on Offshore Drilling? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    A delegation from the United States organized by the Environmental Defense Fund and the International Association of Drilling Contractors traveled to Cuba earlier this month to evaluate the Caribbean nation's long-term ...
  • [2011-06-17] Law Decree No. 118 - Structure, Organization and Operation of the National System of Environment Protection and the Rational Use of Natural Resources 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    States the structure, organization and operation of the National System of Environment Protection and the Rational Use of Natural Resources which has as goal the protection of the environment, including the conservation, ...
  • [2011-06-17] Law Decree No. 207 - Nuclear Energy 

    Council of State; Consejo del Estado
    Establishes the general regulations for the use of nuclear energy; promotes the use of nuclear energy with the goal of increasing the social economic welfare of the Country; protect life, health, assets and environment ...