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    Federal Legislation| Navajo| NM| New Mexico| US| Aamodt| abandon| Abeyta| acquire| Act| adjudication| agreement| agriculture| allocate| allottee| amend| Animas-La Plata| apportion| appropriate| aquaculture| Arellano| Arizona| AZ| authorize| bank| Belknap| Blackfeet| Bloomfield| capita| Colorado| CO| Colorado River Compact| CRC| Colorado River Storage Project| CRSP| commercial| conflict| conjunctive use well| construct| consumptive use| contract| convey| cost-share| Crow| dam| damages| decree| Department of Interior| deplete| divert| dollars| domestic| drought| effective| Endangered Species Act| ESA| evaporation| Farmington| fish| flood| flow| forbearance| forfeit| fund| Gallup| groundwater| habitat| Hammond| hydroelectric| hydrographic| hydropower| immunity| implement| industrial| infrastructure| instream| interest rate| interior| irrigate| Jicarilla Apache| judgment| Kirkland| land| lease| litigate| Lower Colorado River Basin| LCRB| map| market| municipal| Nambé| Navajo| Navajo Reservoir Water Bank| Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project| NGWSP| National Environmental Policy Act| NEPA| Nighthorse Reservoir| Navajo Indian Irrigation Project| NIIP| non-reimbursable| operation maintenance & repair| OM&R| pipeline| Pojoaque| power| project| Pueblo| pump| quantity| reallocate| Reclamation| Reclamation Water Settlements Fund| recovery| release| repay| reservoir| Ridges| runoff| sale| San Ildefonso| San Juan River| SJR| settlement| Shiprock| shortage| spill| storage| subordinate| surface water| survey| Taos| Tesuque| transfer| treatment| tribe| trust| underground storage| Upper Colorado River Basin Compact| UCRBC| Ute| waiver| waste| water| water supply| well| wildlife [1]
    Federal Legislation| NV| CA| Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe| Pyramid| Paiute| US| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandon| acquisition| agree| Alpine| allocate| apportion| appropriate| authorize| bank| bed| beneficial| capita| Carson| claims| conflict| consumptive| council| cui-ui| cutthroat| dam| damages| decree| degradation| deliver| develop| distribute| ditch| diversion| drainage| economic| effective| effluent| electric| facility| Fallon| fish| forfeit| fund| game| groundwater| habitat| Humboldt| hydrant| implement| immunity| industry| instream| intergovernmental| interest| interior| interstate| irrigate| judgment| Lahontan| lease| litigate| maintenance| map| meter| municipal| negotiate| Newlands| operation| Orr| recreation| refuge| release| report| reservoir| reserved| resolution| secretary| settlement| Shoshone| snow| Stillwater| store| subordinate| species| surface| Tahoe| transbasin| transfer| tribe| Tripartite| trout| Truckee| trust| waiver| waste| wastewater| wetlands| wildlife [1]
    Federal legislation| Salt River Pima Maricopa Irrigation Compact| US| AZ| Salt River Valley Water Users Association| SRVWUA| Roosevelt Water Conservation District| RWCD| Roosevelt Irrigation District| RID| Chandler| Glendale| Mesa| Phoenix| Roosevelt| Salt| Scottsdale| Tempe| Gilbert| District| acre-feet per year| AFY| acquire| adjudicate| administer| allot| adjudicate| agree| agricultural| Ak-Chin| allocate| allot| amend| appropriate| approve| aqueduct| assess| authority| Bartlett| beneficial| canal| CAP| capacity| capita| capital| carry-over| Central Arizona Water conservation District| CAWCD| CO| Colorado River Basin Project Act| CRBPA| Community| Commission| consumptive| conserve| construct| convert| contract| cost| county| court| dam| damage| decree| deliver| develop| economic| effective| effluent| energy| enforce| entitle| escrow| exchange| extinguish| facility| firm| flow| fria| fund| groundwater| Gila| immemorial| immunity| implement| income| industry| interior| interest| irrigate| kent| land| lease| litigate| member| Municipal & Industrial| M&I| modify| municipal| non-Indian| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OMR| operate| plan| power| principle| priority| policy| quantity| ratify| reclamation| regulate| rehabilitate| reimburse| release| replace| repay| reservation| reservoir| resolution| resource| revise| secretary| sediment| self-determine| self-sufficiency| sell| service| settlement| silt| Salt River Project| spill| store| supply| surface| tax| transfer| tribe| trust| Verde| waiver| water [1]
    Federal legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe SCAT| US| San Carlos Irrigation & Drainage District| SCIDD| ASARCO| acre-feet per year| AFY| aqueduct| acquire| agree| agriculture| allot| appropriate| arbitrate| authorize| Central Arizona Project| CAP| Central Arizona Water Conservation District| CAWCD| Chandler, Glendale, Goodyear, Mesa, Peoria, Phoenix| Safford| Scottsdale| Gila River Indian Community| NM| Roosevelt Water Conservation District| capita| code| community| conflict| conserve| construct| consumptive| cost| contract| dam| damage| decree| delivery| dispute| district| diversion| domestic| endangered| effective| enforce| engineering| entitle| fee| fish| flow| forbear| Franklin| fund| Gila| Globe| Global Precipitation Measurement| gpm| groundwater| GW| habitat| Haggard| habitat| immunity| implement| instream| interior| irrigate| judgment| lease| litigation| Maricopa| market| municipal| negotiate| non-Indian| off-reservation| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OMR| opinion| Phelps| Pima| priority| pump| reclamation| release| repay| reports| reservation| reservoir| resolution| Roosevelt| sale| San Carlos Irrigation Project| SCIP| secretary| settlement| study| subsistence| system| then being irrigated| Then Being Irrigated| TBI| transfer| tribe| tribe| trust| water| waiver| Water Quality| WQ| zone [1]
    Federal legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe| SCAT| AZ| US| Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement & Power District| SRPAI&PD| San Carlos Irrigation & Drainage District| SCIDD| Roosevelt Water Conservation District| RWCD| Buckeye Irrigation Company| BIC| Buckeye Water Conservation & Drainage District| BWCDD| Tempe| Chandler| Mesa| Glendale| Scottsdale| Gilbert| Central Arizona Water Conservation District| CAWCD| | acre-feet per year| AFY| acquisition| adjudication| agriculture| Ak-Chin| allot| allocate| amend| appropriate| apportion| authorize| bank| black| Central Arizona Project| CAP| capacity| CO| commerce| conserve| contract| construct| Coolidge| county| court| Colorado River Basin Project Act| CRBPA| capital| conflict| contract| cost| dam| decree| delivery| develop| dispute| diversion| economic| effective| effluent| entitle| Endangered Species Act| ESA| evaporation| environmental| exchange| facility| fish| fund| groundwater| GW| Gila| Globe| immunity| implement| impair| industrial| interest| interior| irrigate| judgment| lake| lease| market| municipal| non-Indian| litigate| municipal| National Environmental Protection Act| NEPA| negotiate| non-Indian| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OM&R| Pedro| permit| Phelps| pipeline| plan| policy| priority| project| quantity| ranch| rata| ratify| reallocate| reclamation| recreation| rehabilitate| reimburse| release| repay| reservation| reservoir| resolution| resource| relinquish| secretary| self-determination| Salt| seep| self-sufficiency | settlement| species| treasury| store| supply| surface| transfer| tribe| trust| water| waiver| wildlife [1]
    Federal Legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe| SCAT| US| amend| date [1]
    Federal Legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe| SCAT| US| amend| reimburse| non-reimburse [1]
    Federal Legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe| SCAT| US| Settlement| amend| date| contract| effective| [1]
    Federal Legislation| San Carlos Apache Tribe|| SCAT| US| amend| date [1]
    Federal Legislation| Seminole| agree| approve| Compact| conflict| interior| secretary| settle| immunity| resolution| US District Court| USDC [1]
    Federal Legislation| settlement| Jicarilla Apache| US| amendment [1]
    Federal Legislation| Shivwits| Shebit| UT| US| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandon| adjudication| appropriate| appropriate| authorize| beneficial| canal| capita| cubic feet per second| cfs| Clara| conflict| construct| contract| county| deliver| develop| dispute| district| divert| domestic| drain| economic| effective| endangered| facility| flow| forfeit| fish| fund| funding| groundwater| GW| George| Gunlock| habitat| immunity| implement| impound| instream| interest| irrigate| Ivans| lease| municipal| non-Indian| pipeline| project| pump| quantify| reclaim| release| reports| reservation| reservoir| reuse| secretary| self-determination| self-sufficiency| settlement| Spinedace| spring| stock| surface| transport| transfer| treatment| tribe| trust| Virgin| waiver| water| wildlife [1]
    Federal legislation| shortage sharing| priority water| reallocation| construction| settlement| groundwater| allocation| contract| lease| immunity| regulation| allottees| decree| adjudication| distribution system| acre-feet| AF|allotment| allottee| appropriate| appropriation| authorize| conflict| contract| dam| damages| dispute| diversion| effective| endangered species| fund| gallons per minute| global precipitation measurement| gpm| groundwater| GW| habitat| implementation| instream| irrigation| judgment| lease| market| municipal| non-Indian| parties| parties to settlement| party| capita| decree| release| sale| interior| secretary| settlement| immunity| State Legislation transfer| SLgtransfer| code| tribe resolution| trust| waiver| waste| San Carlos Apache Tribe| Gila River Indian Community [1]
    Federal Legislation| Shoshone-Bannock| Reservation| Hall| ID| US| acre-feet| AF| appropriate| allottee| authorize| conflict| consumptive| contract| dam| dispute| diversion| effective| federal [1]
    Federal Legislation| Soboba| Band| Luiseño| US| Eastern Municipal Water District (Calif)| EMWD| Lake Hemet Municipal Water District| LHMWD| Metropolitan Water District of Southern California| MWDSC| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandonment| agriculture| appropriate| aquifer| authorize| Basin| clean| capita| commercial| conflict| contract| damages| decree| development| Diamond| district| economic| effective| endangered| enforcement| environmental| exchange| forfeiture| fund| future| groundwater| habitat| immemorial| import| infrastructure| interfere| irrigate| Jacinto| land| lease| livestock| management| municipal| non-Indian| litigation| negotiation| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OMR| plan| priority| quantify| recharge| release| replace| reports| reservation| resources| restoration| secretary| seepage| settlement| sewer| surface| tribe| trust| Tunnel| waiver| water [1]
    Federal legislation| Taos| NM| US| Mutual Domestic Water Association| Watershed Development Fund| WDF| Water & Sanitation District| WSD| Mutual Benefit Project| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandon| Abeyta| acequia| acquire| adjudicate| administer| agriculture| allocate| amend| appropriate| Arellano| authority| authorize| Blue| Buffalo| capita| compact| construct| contract| cost-share| court| culture| damages| decree| depletion| distribute| divert| economic| enforce| engineer| environment| expire| fish| forfeit| fund| groundwater| gather| Grande| grant| hunt| immunity| implement| infrastructure| in-kind| interior| inter| interest| invest| irrigate| Karavas| lease| legislature| litigation| market| non-Indian| nonreimbursable| nonuse| ownership| permit| Pueblo Lands Act| PLA| Prado| preempt| protect| Pueblo| rata| recharge| reclamation| rehabilitate| release| repay| report| resolution| right| San Juan Compact| Seco| secretary| sell| set-off| settlement| sovereign| species| store| surface| Tenorio| Travel Management Plan| toll| tribe| trust| Valley| water quality| WQ| waiver| wastewater| water| watershed [1]
    Federal Legislation| Tohono O'odham Nation| TON| US| Tohono| O’odham| AZ| Tucson| acre-feet per year| AFY| acquire| agricultural| allocation| allottee| alternative| Anamax| appropriate| aqueduct| augment| authorize| canal| Central Arizona Project| CAP| commercial| conservation| construct| contract| Cooperative| Cruz| Cyprus-Pima| damages| design| development| delivery| dismiss| distribution| domestic| Duval| effective| energy| evaporative| exchange| expand| facility| Farmers| feasibility| fund| groundwater| health| immunity| implementation| improve| industrial| injury| irrigation| judgment| lease| litigation| livestock| management| mining| municipal| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OMR| on-reservation| Papago| plan| power| private| project| pumping| quantity| reclaimed| Reclamation| recreation| release| replacement| Reservation| reserved| Resources| resolution| Santa| secretary| sell| Sells| settlement| Schuk| Smelting| solar| study| subjugate| system| Tucson Active Management Area| TAMA| Toak| tribe| trust| waiver| water| well| Xavier [1]
    Federal legislation| US| AZ| Salt River Pima Maricopa Compact| SRPMC Amend [1]
    Federal Legislation| US| White Mountain Apache Tribe| WMAT| negotiations| settlement| authorize| appropriate| water| soil| study [1]
    Federal Legislation| Ute Mountain Ute| UMU| Southern Ute| SU | CO| US| Acre Feet per Year| AFY| Animas La Plata Project| ALPP| Animas La Plata Conservation Commission| ALPCC| Animas La Plata Conservancy District| ALPCD| Animas River| AR| acquisition| appropriate| augment| authorize| biological opinion| BO| capita| capital| clean| commission| Compact| construct| consult| contract| cost| cost-share| Colorado Ute Settlement Fund| CUSF| decree| depletion| develop| diversion| Dolores| endangered| engineer| enhancement| environment| Endangered Species Act| ESA| facility| firm| fish| future| Federal Water Pollution Control Act| FWPCA| industrial| implement| interior| invest| irrigate| La Plata Conservation District| LPCD| La Plata River| litigation| municipal| Navajo| National Environmental Policy Act| NEPA| NM| New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission| NMISC| Navajo Reservoir| non-Indian| non-reimbursable| Operations, Maintenace & Repair| OMR| permit| present| pump| rata| Record of Decision| ROD| reclamation| recreation| repay| reservoir| resource| rural| secretary| settlement| Shiprock| San Juan River Basin Recovery Implementation Program| SJRRIP| San Juan Water Commission| SJWC| Southern Ute Tribal Resource Fund| SUTRF| state legislation| species| storage| substitute| supply| Tribal Resource Fund| TRF| tribe| trust| Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Resource Fund| UMUTRF| waiver| wildlife [1]