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    federal government [1]
    Federal Health Plan [2]
    Federal Indian Policy [3]
    Federal Involvement in Water Resources [1]
    Federal Lands Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) [1]
    Federal Law [3]
    Federal Legislation |AZ| McDowell| Yavapai| Mohave| Abbott| acres| Apache| US| Acre-Feet per Year| AFY| abandon| aboriginal| access| accounting| acquire| adjudication| agriculture| allot| appeal| application| appropriate | authorize| Bartlett| Benson| breach| Central Arizona Project| CAP| capital| Central Arizona Water Conservation District| CAWCD| Cubic Feet per Second| CFS| Chandler| commercial| Community| Congress| Conservation| contract| construction| corporation| cost| cost-share| credits| dam| decree| Defense| deliver| develop| dismiss| District| ditch| divert| domestic| drought| duty| economic| effective| effluent| emergency| enforce| entitle| environment| evaporation| exchange| facility| fee| flood| flow| forfeit| Fort McDowell Indian Community| FMIC| fund| future| gauge| Gila| Gilbert| Glendale| Granite| grazing| groundwater| Harquahala| historic| homeland| Horseshoe| Hudson| Indian Community| IC| immemorial| implement| in-kind| industrial| infiltration| injury| Interior| interest| irrigate| junior| Kent| land| lease| Lehane| litigate| Municipal and Industrial| M&I| maintenance| manage| maps| Maricopa| market| measure| Mesa| miners| mitigate| monitor| municipal| Nation| non-Indian| non-use| Operations, Maintenance & Repair| OMR| Phelps| Phoenix| Practicably Irrigable Acreage| PIA| Pinal| Pima| pipeline| power| Prescott| present| project| pump| rata| reclamation| release| reimburse| reimburse| repair| repay| reservation| reserved| reservoir| return| right| Roosevelt| Salt| Scottsdale| self| sell| senior| Salt River Pima| SRP| secretary| shortage| species| spill| Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community| SRPMIC| store| surface| system| tax| Tempe| Tort| transfer| treatment| tribe| trust| urban| USGS| Verde| vest| waiver| water| well| works | Water Users Association| WUA| water quality Yuma [1]
    Federal Legislation |AZ| Yavapai| Acre Feet per Year| AFY| access| acquire| adjudication| agriculture| allot| Apache| appropriate | assess| augment| authorize| Bartlett| Central Arizona Project| CAP| Central Arizona Water Water Control District| CAWCD| carry-over| Community Development Fund| CDF| Chandler| Chino| Community| Conservation| contract| contribute| construction| convert| cost| cost-share| Cottonwood| decree| Defense| deliver| develop| dispute| distribute| District| divert| economic| ecosystem |effective| effluent| endangered| entitle| environment| Endangered Species Act| ESA| exchange| exclude| expand| facility| firm| flow| fund| future| Gila| Gilbert| Glendale| grazing| groundwater| Harquahala| Horseshoe| immemorial| immunity| impair| implement| injury| interest| irrigation| Kent| land| lease| litigation| loss| Municipal and Industrial| M&I| Maricopa| market| Mesa| mitigate| monitor| National Environmental Policy Act| NEPA| non-Indian| Operations, Maintenance and Repair| OMR| ownership| past| permit| Phelps| Phoenix| Pinal| Pima| Prescott| present| priority| project| public| pump| purchase| quantify| ratify| reclamation| regulation| rehabilitate| release| relinquish| repay| replace| reservation| right| Roosevelt| Right of Way| ROW| Salt| San Carlos Arizona Trust| SCAT| Scottsdale| seasonal| self| sell| Salt River Pima| Sullivan| secretary| species| Spikedance| storage| study| suit| surface| system| Tempe| threatened| Tort| transfer| tribe| trust| Verde| waiver| water| watershed [1]
    Federal Legislation| Aamodt| Nambé| NM| Pojoaque| San Ildefonso| Tesuque| Santa Fe| US| acre-feet| af| acre-feet per year| afy| Act| appropriation| aquifer recovery| aquifer storage| authority| city| conjunctive management| construction| consultation| consumptive use| contract| cost-share| county| dam| damages| decree| Department of Interior| DOI| design| distribution| diversion| dollars| easement| enforcement| environmental compliance| expiration| facility| forfeiture| fund| groundwater| infrastructure| integration| inter se| lease| liability| marketing| non-Indian| Operation & Maintenance| O&M| permit| Pueblo| Reclamation| recovery| replacement| reserved| reservoir| resolution| right of way| Rio Grande| San Juan - Chama| SJC| settlement| Settlement Fund| state legislation| supply| surface water| system| tax| transfer| transmission| tribe| trust| utility| waiver| water right| water treatment| well field [1]
    Federal Legislation| acre-feet| af| agriculture| Ak-Chin| appropriate| authorize| AZ| breach| canal| contract| damages| economy| engineer| groundwater| hydrologic| immemorial| irrigation| municipal| non-Indian| settlement| system| trust| tribe| US| waive| well| [1]
    Federal Legislation| acre-feet| af| aqueduct| agriculture| AZ| CA| Central Arizona Project| CAP| Central Arizona Water Conservation District| Colorado River| Colorado River Basin Project Act| commercial| conservation| consumptive use| contract| contribution| cost-share| damages| deliver| develop| discretion| district| divert| drainage| economic| electric| facility| fund| Gila Project| groundwater| implement| industrial| irrigate| mining| municipal| non-Indian| North Gila Valley Irrigation District| NV| on-farm| operation and maintenance| Papago| permanent| power plant| priority| project| pumping| reclamation| recreation| rehabilitate| release| repay| replace| repair| reservation| settlement| shortage| Southern AZ Water Rights Settlement Act| supply| surface| system| transmission| US| waiver| well| Yuma County| Yuma Mesa Irrigation & Drainage District| Yuma Irrigation District [1]
    Federal Legislation| agricultural| amendment| AZ| authorize| beneficial| commercial| contract| Council| Del Webb Corp| Department of Interior| DOI| groundwater| industrial| lease| mining| municipal| recreational| resolution [1]
    Federal Legislation| Ak-Chin| AZ| Pinal| Phoenix| Tucson| AMA| AGMA| US| agricultural| alienate| beneficial| commercial| Council| federal legislation| groundwater| industrial| mining| lease| municipal| recreational| state legislation| tribe resolution [1]
    Federal Legislation| Apache| Jicarilla| USA| amendment| deadline| decree| settlement [1]
    Federal Legislation| Cheyenne| MT| US| acre-feet per year| AFY| acquire| administer| agree| allocate| allot| appropriate| authorize| Bureau of Indian Affairs| BIA| code| capita| Compact| contract| conserve| construct| cost| convey| crow| dam| decree| Department of Natural Resources| DNRC| develop| economic| effective| enforce| engineering| environment| exchange| expend| fish| fund| habitat| horn| hydropower| immunity| implement| index| industrial| interior| land| lease| loan| Municipal & Irrigation| M&I| market| moratorium| members| mitigation| nation| non-reimburse| notice| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OM&R| operation| pick| preference| project| quantity| ratify| reclamation| referendum| reimburse| repair| reserved| reservoir| reservation| resource| resolution| revenue| sale| secretary| settlement| species| state| storage| Tongue| trust| waiver| water| wildlife| Yellowtail [1]
    Federal legislation| Cheyenne| MT| US| amend| settlement| fish| wildlife| interior| secretary| funding| dam| appropriate| authorize| environment| cost| reimburse| reservoir| tongue [1]
    Federal legislation| Chippewa-Cree| Rocky Boy| Reservation| US| MT| settlement| accounts| acre-feet| adjudication| administrate| allocate| amend| appropriate| authorize| Beaver| Bonneau| Brown’s| Canada| code| Compact| construct| cost-share| court| dam| damages| decree| develop| diversion| domestic| drought| economic| Elder| Elwell| environmental| expend| expiration| facilities| feasibility| Fork| fund| groundwater| homeland| industrial| interior| immemorial| implement| interest| invest| lease| Marias| Missouri| municipal| Pick-Sloane| project| principle| ratify| Reclamation| regional| reserved| reservoir| rural| Sandy| secretary| self-governance| self-determination| sovereign| study| storage| supply| surface| sustainable| Tiber| Towe| transfer| Treasury| waiver| withdraw| water quality [1]
    Federal legislation| Duck | Shoshone-Paiute| NV| US| acre-feet per year| AFY| abandon| aboriginal| adjudicate| administrate| agree| agriculture| allot| appropriate| authorize| capita| capital| code| conflict| construct| cultural| damages| decree| develop| divert| duck| economic| effective| environment| Endangered Species Act| ESA| facility| fish| forfeit| fund| funding| groundwater| habitat| homeland| horse| irrigate| judgment| litigation| market| negotiate| non-use| Operations Maintenance & Repair| OMR| Owyhee| Paddy| pay| project| quantify| release| rehabilitate| reimburse| relinquish|reports| reservoir| reservation| secretary| self-determination| self-sufficiency| settle| sewer| storage| surface| supply| tribe| trust| waiver| waste| wildlife| water quality| WQ [1]
    Federal legislation| Fallon| Shoshone| Paiute| NV| US| acre-feet per year| AFY| acquisition| administration| agriculture| appropriate| appurtenant| authorize| beneficial| capita| Carson| Churchill| consolidate| consult| contract| development| drain| economic| employment| environmental| exchange| facility| fish| Paiute Shoshone Tribal settlement Fund| PSTSF| fund| habitat| heirs| housing| implement| improve| income| indemnify| industrial| interior| interest| invest| irrigation| land| Lyon| management| municipal| Naval| Newlands| principle| profit| property| project| purchase| pyramid| reclamation| recreation| rehabilitation| release| repayment| reserved| reservation| resource| rights| secretary| services| settlement| supply| system| Truckee Judgment| transfer| Truckee| tribe| trust| water| wetlands| Water Quality| WQ| wildlife [1]
    Federal legislation| Fallon| Shoshone| Paiute| NV| US| administer| amend| capita| conflict| expense| Fort Belknap Compact| FBC| Fort Peck Sioux Tribe Settlement Agreement| FPSTSA| Fort Peck Sioux Tribe Settlement Fund| FPSTSF| fees| fund| income| invest| loss| manage| market| member| percent| principal| settlement| Tribe| value [1]