Kuscinky B. Jornalismo e saúde na era neoliberal. [Journalism and health in the neoliberal era.] Saúde e Sociedade [Health and Society] ( São Paulo , Brazil ) 2002 January-July; 11(1):95-103.

Objectives: To analyze the coverage of health stories in journalism, particularly the sometimes conflicted relationship between journalists and health workers.

Methodology: Analytical and interpretive.

Results: Journalistic coverage of health topics suffers from the problem that characterizes journalism generally, specifically, the commercialized character of news. As a product of the market, news about health is increasingly commercialized, as reflected in the predominance of news reports about the body, beauty, and specific people’s health problems. News of this type sells much more that other health-related news and, for this reason, assumes strategic importance in the communications field. In this context, conflicts between health professionals and communications professionals are intensified, especially for journalists, and by extension to the production of news more generally.

Conclusions: The author emphasizes the tension that exists between the commercial value of news in the market, as opposed to a democratic character that communication should possess.

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