Data Set Manifest: New Mexico and Colorado Spanish Survey (NMCOSS)

Data Author(s): Bills, Garland; Vigil, Neddy;


Data collection for the Linguistic Atlas and Archive of the Spanish of New Mexico and Southern Colorado began in 1991 and was funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant for an estimated three and a half years. The data collection for the study represented a first of its kind project in multiple ways. First, while the unique characteristics of New Mexican Spanish had previously been the focus of linguistic study, much of the research was focused on particular regions or communities and findings were generally undocumented. There had previously been no comprehensive, systematic study of New Mexican Spanish across the entire state. Additionally, the methodology was unique in that the computer aided data entry and analysis strategies developed for the NMCOSS were relatively new to linguistic study.

Only native born Spanish speakers were interviewed for the project, which included all of New Mexico along with parts of Colorado which experienced an influx of Spanish speaking settlers during the nineteenth century. Preparatory research in the selection of interviewees was completed using US Census data, with follow up work being carried out within individual locales via contact with various cultural, civic, and community organizations. Ultimately, 357 consultants were interviewed in locations ranging across New Mexico and the sixteen southern Colorado counties.


New Mexico; Colorado

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Bills, Garland; Vigil, Neddy (2007): New Mexico and Colorado Spanish Survey. University of New Mexico.


Spanish language; linguistics; New Mexico languages; Colorado languages; Spanish language -- variation -- United States; Spanish language -- variation -- history; Spanish language -- spoken Spanish -- United States

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