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  • [2012-03-05] Are Conflicts Hampering Peru's Energy and Mining Sectors? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    There are currently 200 conflicts over natural resources in Peru, particularly in rural areas where residents complain extractive projects are destroying their lands and that they are unlikely to see many of the economic ...
  • [2012-02-28] Argentina's Energy Pricing Challenges 

    Fenández-Lamela, Pablo
    This article examines the challenges that Argentina is facing as the prices of gas, oil, and electricity are capped at below market level. While previously an energy exporter, the country has become an energy importer ...
  • [2012-02-28] Central America's Energy Challenges 

    Eguizábal, Cristina
    This article discusses Central America's current energy matrix and outlines the next steps that the region may consider, such as more hydropower projects, wind parks, and small-scale renewable energy projects in rural ...
  • [2011-06-17] Development Plan for the Energy Sector 2007 - 2017 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    The national program for the development of the energy sector of Haiti seeks to enable policy makers and various stakeholders providing them with a management tool for the industry. The program covers the period 2007-2032. ...
  • [2012-03-05] Does Chile Face an Imminent Energy Crisis? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    In response to a drought that has crimped hydroelectric output and in the face of soaring fuel prices that are hitting consumers, the Chilean government has pushed for new fuel subsidy legislation and enacted several ...
  • [2011-06-17] Draft for the Energy Policy of the Republic of Haiti 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    Due to the fact that Haiti faces several years in a major energy crisis, largely due to the lack of a national energy policy expressing a coherent vision and objectives and clear guidance, this document was made to fill ...
  • [2012-02-28] Energy Consumption: Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanization 

    Smith, Heidi Jane
    This article highlights four cities in Latin America (Curitiba, Sáo Paulo, Bogotá, and Monterrey) that have developed mechanisms to reduce their energy consumption.
  • [2011-06-06] Energy Policy 

    National Energy Council; Consejo Nacional de Energía
    The goals of this policy are the expansion of the electric capacity and coverage, through efficiency, optimization and savings factors; to reduce the dependency on energy produced from oil and its by-products, encouraging ...
  • [2011-06-17] Energy Security and Efficiency Enhancement Project - ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK 

    Ministry of Energy and Mining
    This project is designed to provide a comprehensive support to the implementation of the Government of Jamaica s energy policy and strategy covering the 2010-2030 period. The goals are to build capacity, to provide ...
  • [2011-06-17] Framework for Development of Renewable Energy Policy for Trinidad and Tobago 

    Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    This report provides background information on the country's energy sector, presents the drivers and barriers to domestic renewable energy development, and proposes a strategy to establish a framework for renewable energy policy.
  • [2011-06-17] Government of Guyana Strategy for Underserved Areas Electrification Programme 

    Hinds, Samuel A.; Prime Minister
    In May 2001 the Government approved a strategy for the electrification of unserved areas along the coast of Guyana. This policy guided the development of the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme. It states that the ...
  • [2011-06-17] Haiti Wind Atlas Prepared by WINERGY 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    Presents meteorological data on wind to highlight the wind power potential of the Country.
  • [2011-09-01] Is the Region Capable of Meeting Increased Electricity Demand? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    Brazil's São Paulo state has suffered several major power failures this year, while the Venezuelan government has enacted rationing measures and begun importing electricity from Colombia. Meanwhile, Argentina's electricity ...
  • [2012-03-05] Is Venezuela Facing Another Electricity Crisis? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    On April 7, a fire damaged a power line in Venezuela and caused the country's worst blackout since 2009. Top government officials were adamant that Venezuela is now better equipped than in 2009-10 when electricity shortages ...
  • [2011-04-07] Models and Methods for the Provision of Rural Electrical Services 

    National Environment Fund; Fondo Nacional del Ambiente
    This document examines the different models for rural electrification which have been used or are being developed with the purpose of understanding how these experiences can benefit the future design of rural electric ...
  • [2011-04-07] National Energy Balance 2009 

    Energy and Mines Ministry; Ministerio de Energía y Minas
    This document is a tool for the definition of Energy Policy in the Country. It allows the detailed knowledge of the national energy sector, of important changes and to determine the environmental impact.
  • [2011-04-07] National Plan of Rural Electrification (PNER) 2011-2020 

    Ministry of Energy and Mines; Ministerio de Energía y Minas
    This Plan seeks to supply electricity to towns in rural areas of Peru as means to contribute to their socio-economic development, mitigate poverty, improve their quality of life and deter the migration from the country to ...
  • [2011-06-17] Plan for the Generation of the Dominican Electricity Sector 2006-2020 

    Comisión Nacional de Energía
    This document outlines a strategic plan which focuses on providing for growth in the sector by promoting development in the field of energy generation through private investment.
  • [2011-04-07] Project for the Promotion of Marketing Opportunities Clean Energy and Energetic Efficiency in Peru 

    National Environment Fund; Fondo Nacional del Ambiente
    The main goal of this project is the execution of activities for the contribution of expansion of the marketing opportunities and improve the competition of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) in Peru. The purpose is to ...
  • [2011-04-07] Promotion of the public participation in Renewable Energy projects and Strengthening of the capacity of FONAM 

    National Environment Fund; Fondo Nacional del Ambiente
    Document shows the present state of renewable energies in Peru, the technologies that have been developed, legal aspects, barriers they face and the possible areas in which they can be developed as a business.