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  • [2012-03-05] Are Expectations for Colombia's Oil Sector Too Optimistic? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    In February, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim said he was actively looking to boost investment in Colombia due to its burgeoning oil industry. Meanwhile, the United States Export-Import Bank approved nearly $1 billion in financing ...
  • [2011-09-01] Can Latin America Capitalize on Oil Wealth in the Long Term? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    Venezuela holds some 85 percent of Latin America's crude oil reserves, and the region overall has the world's second-largest oil reserves after the Middle East, according to figures presented by the Latin American Energy ...
  • [2012-02-28] Challenges of Designing an Optimal Petroleum Fiscal Model in Latin America 

    Tissot, Roger
    This article traces the recent history of petroleum fiscal models throughout Latin America, including market-oriented models to state corporatism models based on resource nationalism.
  • [2012-09-07] Chevron faces asset seizure in Brazil over $18 billion Ecuador judgment 

    Hinton, Karen
    This article provides information about the second legal enforcement action filed by Ecuadorian indigenous communities to force Chevron to pay for the clean-up of an oil disaster that resulted in several health problems ...
  • [2011-03-16] Declaration of Margarita - Building the Energy Integration of the South 

    Governments of South America; Gobiernos de Sudamérica
    This document was prepared by the Governments of South America during the First South American Energy Summit to discuss the issues of the production of ethanol fuel and the creation of a South American Energy Council, made ...
  • [2012-10-23] Ecuador, 'impuesto verde' a las gasolinas 

    Unknown author
    This article discusses the 'green tax' that was applied to gasoline in spring 2012. The tax will finance improvements in the quality of gasoline produced in the country.
  • [2012-03-05] Energía nuclear en América Latina: antes y después del desastre japonés 

    Isbell, Paul
    This article begins by outlining the use of nuclear energy in Latin America as compared to other regions of the world. More specifically, it details the history and current output of energy from the six nuclear reactors ...
  • [2012-03-05] How Does the Current Surge in Oil prices Compare to 2008? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    With ongoing tensions in the Middle East, oil prices have soared to heights not seen since before the economic crisis. What is the impact of the surge in oil prices on Latin American countries? Which countries and industries ...
  • [2011-09-01] How Is China Changing Latin America's Energy Sector? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    China recently announced several loans worth billions of dollars to Ecuador and Venezuela—to be paid back largely in the form of oil—for public works, energy and infrastructure projects. These investments and others have ...
  • [2012-02-28] Is Ecuador's Refinery of the Pacific on Track? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    In 2008, PDVSA and PetroEcuador agreed to build the ""Eloy Alfaro Delgado"" Refinery of the Pacific, which reportedly will be the only high-conversion plant on Latin America's Pacific coast. The facility will require an ...
  • [2011-09-01] Is the Region Capable of Meeting Increased Electricity Demand? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    Brazil's São Paulo state has suffered several major power failures this year, while the Venezuelan government has enacted rationing measures and begun importing electricity from Colombia. Meanwhile, Argentina's electricity ...
  • [2012-05-10] Oil and Gas Projects in the Western Amazon: Threats to Wilderness, Biodiversity, and Indigenous Peoples 

    Finer, Matt; Jenkins, Clinton N.; Pimm, Stuart L.; Keane, Brian; Ross, Carl
    The western Amazon is the most biologically rich part of the Amazon basin and is home to a great diversity of indigenous ethnic groups, including some of the world’s last uncontacted peoples living in voluntary isolation. ...
  • [2011-05-04] Prior, Free and Informed Consent as a Right of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities 

    Aguinda Salazar, Wilson Fermin
    The thesis titled “Prior, Free and Informed Consent as a Right of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities” is a study that seeks to determine whether indigenous peoples and nations can or cannot ban in their lands and territories ...
  • [2012-05-10] Resource Nationalism and Energy Security in Latin America: Implication for Global Oil Supplies 

    Mares, David R.
    Energy policy is usefully characterized by the degree to which resource nationalism and energy security are pursued. The balance achieved between these two key concepts dramatically affects global energy supplies. Over ...
  • [2011-09-01] Will a New Bureau Lead to Better Regional Energy Policy? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    After stepping down as the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual was appointed in May as the State Department's special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs. He will be tasked with designing and ...
  • [2012-03-02] Will Ecuador Be Able to Produce More Oil Next Year? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    Ecuador's revenue from oil product exports rose 87 percent between January and September to $860 million, compared to the $459 million registered in the same period in 2010, Dow Jones reported Dec. 1. According to the ...
  • [2012-05-15] Will social unrest affect investment in Ecuador's oil sector? 

    Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin American Energy Advisor
    More than 1,500 indigenous protesters last month brought Ecuador's capital city to a "standstill" over government plans to exploit natural resources in the Amazon region. The group alleges that President Rafael Correa ...