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  • [2012-09-07] Declaration of indigenous peoples 

    World Council of Indigenous Peoples; Consejo Mundial de los Pueblos Indígenas
    This file is an audio recording of the Declaration of Indigenous Peoples, written at the World Council of Indigenous Peoples held in Port Alberni, British Columbia on October 27-31, 1975. While its language is poetic, it ...
  • [2011-09-30] Puerto Rico's Energy Public Policy 

    Committee of Energy Cogeneration and Generation, Government of Puerto Rico; Comité de Cogeneración y Generación de Energía, Gobierno de Puerto Rico
    This report provides an overview of proposed public policies related to energy. It calls for the use of alternative sources for the generation of electricity.
  • [2011-06-17] Energy Policy of Guyana 

    National Energy Policy Committee
    This Energy Policy Paper highlights the energy situation during the period 1988 1992, and the projections for the period 1994 2004. It also focuses on the strategies to be implemented to achieve the stated objectives, ...
  • [2010-12-02] Declaración Conjunta Centroamerica-USA (CONCAUSA) 

    The Governments of Central America and the United States of America
    This Joint Declaration establishes a regional approach between the governments of Central America and the United States to coordinate and implement sustainable development policies in Central America. This document covers ...
  • [2010-11-23] Remarks on Signing the CONCAUSA Agreement in Miami 

    Administration of William J. Clinton
    This document contains a speech given by former U.S. President Clinton upon the signing of CONCAUSA in 1994. This joint agreement created an opportunity for the United States to share in Central American efforts to achieve ...
  • [2011-04-07] Models and Methods for the Provision of Rural Electrical Services 

    National Environment Fund; Fondo Nacional del Ambiente
    This document examines the different models for rural electrification which have been used or are being developed with the purpose of understanding how these experiences can benefit the future design of rural electric ...
  • [2012-10-10] South America Biodiesel Program 

    Unknown author
    Biodiesel, a diesel fuel substitute produced from renewable resources such as soybean oil, has demonstrated potential as a particulate matter and CO2 reduction strategy for transportation markets. Although not currently ...
  • [2010-09-21] Historia de la Ley N. 19.657 

    Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile
    This document outlines the congressional dialogue leading up to the ratification of Law N. 19.657, which outlines geothermal energy concessions in Chile.
  • [2012-03-05] Does Chile Face an Imminent Energy Crisis? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    In response to a drought that has crimped hydroelectric output and in the face of soaring fuel prices that are hitting consumers, the Chilean government has pushed for new fuel subsidy legislation and enacted several ...
  • [2011-06-17] Government of Guyana Strategy for Underserved Areas Electrification Programme 

    Hinds, Samuel A.; Prime Minister
    In May 2001 the Government approved a strategy for the electrification of unserved areas along the coast of Guyana. This policy guided the development of the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme. It states that the ...
  • [2012-03-05] Can Bolivia Become a Regional Energy Hub? 

    Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Energy Advisor
    News broke last week that France's Total has made a ""major"" gas discovery in Bolivia. The find, however, is tempered by YPFB's April 8 announcement of the results of a reserves study by U.S. company Ryder Scott. The study ...
  • [2012-05-09] Strengthening the capacity in Renewable Energy for Central America: Report of the First National Forum on Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Belize 

    BUN-CA; United Nations Development Programme
    The Following is a summarized report of the first national forum on small scale renewable energy in Belize held on the sixth of July, 2001 at Belize City, Belize. This First National Forum on Small Scale Renewable Energy ...
  • [2012-05-10] Guide for Renewable Energy Projects in Belize 

    BUN-CA; Aké, Luis
    The objective of this Guide is to offer this type of information to renewable energy project developers in Belize, with the aim to stimulate the development of more projects. It is understood that project developers ...
  • [2012-10-10] Review of Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project Feasibility Study Report 

    Unknown author
    This study assesses the feasibility of a hydro project at Amaila Falls in Guyana, identifying aspects of the project that lack adequate research and financial support.
  • [2012-03-02] Overview of Renewable Energy Sources in Latin America 

    Huacuz, Jorge M.
    The present work deals with the situation of renewable energy in the Latin-American Region (LAR). Its main purpose is to give an overview of the conditions prevailing in the region, regarding those activities leading to ...
  • [2010-12-02] Promoción de Energía Renovable en Centro América: Oportunidades para el Planteamiento de Políticas (2003) 

    María Blanco, José; Umaña, Leonel
    This manual gives an overview of each country, covering topics such as energy transmission, distribution, legal frameworks, licensing and concessions, electricity markets, tariffs, rural electrification, and barriers to ...
  • [2010-11-10] Renewable Energy Sources in Latin America and the Caribbean: Situation and Policy Proposals 

    U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation
    This document was prepared by the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) to be submitted to the delegations attending the World Conference ...
  • [2011-03-16] Possibilities of Geothermal Energy in Chile:The Case of the Octava Region 

    Vásquez, David
    This report explores the possibilities of using geothermal energy in Chile and geothermal potential in the Octava region. First, the report presents information on geothermal energy and its potential links with the ...
  • [2011-06-17] Local Content & Local Participation Policy & Framework for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Energy Sector 

    Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    This report states the intention of the government to maximize the level of participation of its national people, enterprises, technology and capital through the development and increasing use of locally owned businesses, ...
  • [2012-05-10] Efficient Energy Strategy for the Dominican Republic 

    National Energy Commision, Dominican Republic; United States Agency for International Development
    This study outlines a plan to increase the use and development of renewable energy in the Dominican Republic, addressing the challenges and possible solutions in creating a more efficient and sustainable system of energy ...