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  • [2011-03-16] Renewable Energy Technologies to Improve Energy Access in Brazil 

    Goldemberg, José; La Rovere, Emili Lebre; Teixeira Coelho, Suani; Simoes, André Felipe; Guardabassi, Patricia; Moreira Miranda, Felipe; Centro Clima/COPPE/UFRJ; CENBIO/USP
    This report shows the potential of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) to help Brazil achieve it's goal to ensure the access to electricity to all citizens, and provides some recommendations of future actions to tap the ...
  • [2012-05-10] The indigenous challenge 

    Perafan, Carlos; Moyer, Dianna
    In business circles, indigenous peoples in Latin America are perceived as an obstacle to oil and gas development. However, there is more than that to the story. Recent years have seen a strong reaction from indigenous peoples’ ...
  • [2010-11-23] Energías Renovables para el Desarrollo Sustentable en México (2006) 

    Secretaría de Energía (SENER) de Mexico, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische, Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH
    This document examines the role of renewable energy sources in sustainable development within Mexico. It gives an overview of the current sources of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydraulic, bioenergy, and geothermal) and ...
  • [2011-06-17] Plan for the Generation of the Dominican Electricity Sector 2006-2020 

    Comisión Nacional de Energía
    This document outlines a strategic plan which focuses on providing for growth in the sector by promoting development in the field of energy generation through private investment.
  • [2011-06-17] Haiti Wind Atlas Prepared by WINERGY 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    Presents meteorological data on wind to highlight the wind power potential of the Country.
  • [2011-01-13] Final Report: Consultation Workshop on the use of Renewable Energy in Rural Communities in the State of Veracruz 

    Torres Gonzalez, Ana Paola A.
    This document outlines the results of a series of workshops conducted in various rural communities throughout Veracruz, Mexico on how to implement renewable energy.
  • [2011-01-13] Integrated Energy Services for Small Rural Localities in Mexico- Renewable Energy 

    Dominguez Carrasco, Juan Gerardo
    This document outlines the results of workshops on renewable energy held in various localities within Guerrero, Mexico.
  • [2011-06-17] Development Plan for the Energy Sector 2007 - 2017 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    The national program for the development of the energy sector of Haiti seeks to enable policy makers and various stakeholders providing them with a management tool for the industry. The program covers the period 2007-2032. ...
  • [2012-04-27] energy [r]evolution: A Sustainable Latin American Energy Outlook 

    Teske, Sven; Zervos, Arthouros; Schäfer, Oliver
    This publication provides stimulating analysis on future scenarios of energy use, which focus on a range of technologies that are expected to emerge in the coming years and decades.There is now universal recognition of ...
  • [2011-03-16] Hinterland Electrification Strategy 

    Office of the Prime Minister, Guyana
    The Government of Guyana, as part of its socio-economic development and poverty alleviation objective, has embarked on a program to extend electricity to unserved areas where extension of existing distribution networks is ...
  • [2011-03-15] Strategy for Sustaining the Guyana Power & Light, Inc. 

    Government of Guyana, Electricity and Energy Sectors
    This document contains a review of the structure of the electricity sector and proposes a strategy for sustaining Guyana Power & Light, Inc. In the section on energy generation, it is stated that a significant amount of ...
  • [2011-03-16] Declaration of Margarita - Building the Energy Integration of the South 

    Governments of South America; Gobiernos de Sudamérica
    This document was prepared by the Governments of South America during the First South American Energy Summit to discuss the issues of the production of ethanol fuel and the creation of a South American Energy Council, made ...
  • [2011-01-13] Environmental Manual and Environmental Management Framework for Rural Electrification Projects in Mexico- Renewable Energy 

    Secretaria de Energia de Mexico (SENER)
    This document outlines the environmental impact of rural electrification projects. It focuses specifically on the environmental benefits and impacts of renewable energy.
  • [2011-06-17] IDB, IICA, OAS, and Government of Guyana to Promote Renewable Energy Projects in the Caribbean 

    Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
    Under this memorandum of understanding, the parties (Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, Organization of American States, Government of Guyana) agree to: explore ways ...
  • [2012-03-02] Potential Hydropower Sites 

    Guyana Energy Agency
    This document is a summary of 67 potential hydropower sites in Guyana.
  • [2012-05-10] Renewable Energy 2008 - Solar Energy 

    Unknown author
    This report provides a description of solar energy and its uses in Argentina. In addition, it provides information about projects and legislation relating to renewable energy in Argentina.
  • [2012-03-02] Guyana Energy Agency List of Hydropower Studies 

    Guyana Energy Agency
    The document is a list of hydropower studies available at the resource centre of the Guyana Energy Agency.
  • [2011-06-17] Draft for the Energy Policy of the Republic of Haiti 

    Agency of Mines and Energy; Bureau des Mines et de L'energie
    Due to the fact that Haiti faces several years in a major energy crisis, largely due to the lack of a national energy policy expressing a coherent vision and objectives and clear guidance, this document was made to fill ...
  • [2012-05-10] Wind Energy in Latin America 

    Blanco, Gabriel
    This presentation provides a thorough overview of the global wind energy industry with a specific focus on Latin American countries. It includes very technical descriptions of wind energy production as well as future ...
  • [2010-09-21] Historia de la Ley N. 20.257 

    Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile
    This document outlines the congressional dialogue leading up to the ratification of Law 20.257.