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  • [2010-10-17] Mexico Confirms Discovery of Vast Oil Field Deep in Gulf of Mexico 

    In early March, the state-run oil company PEMEX confirmed the discovery of a vast reserve of crude oil in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. President Vicente Fox's administration was quick to promote the new discovery, ...
  • [2010-10-17] Mexico Wrestles with Declining Oil Reserves 

    Mexico may not be a major player on the global oil-export market for much longer because of dwindling crude-oil reserves. In February, the state-run oil company PEMEX confirmed a projected decline in output from in its ...
  • [2010-11-10] PEMEX Cries Poverty, Analysts Beg to Differ 

    Agren, David
    When Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero delivered his 2011 budget to Congress in early September, complaints surfaced almost immediately in the state oil company PEMEX about the size of next year’s proposed US$20.4 billion ...