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Novel method for carbon nanofilament growth on carbon fibers


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Novel method for carbon nanofilament growth on carbon fibers

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Title: Novel method for carbon nanofilament growth on carbon fibers
Author: Garcia, Daniel
Advisor(s): Al-Haik, Marwan
Committee Member(s): Phillips, Jonathan
Luhrs, Claudia
Department: University of New Mexico. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Subject: carbon
LC Subject(s): Nanofibers--Design and construction.
Carbon fibers.
Fibrous composites--Materials.
Degree Level: Doctoral
Abstract: Carbon nanofilaments were grown on the surface of microscale carbon-fibers at relatively low temperature using palladium as a catalyst to create multiscale fiber reinforcing structures with potential applications in structural composites. Employing a relatively new method, in which carbon structures are grown from fuel rich combustion mixtures on certain catalytic metals, multiscale filament structures were grown from ethylene/oxygen mixtures at 550 °C on commercial PAN and pitch carbon fibers. The filaments grew in a bimodal size distribution. Relative short, densely spaced nanofilaments (ca. 10 nm diameter), and a slightly less dense layer of larger (ca. 100 nm diameter) faster growing fibers (ca. 10 microns/hr) were found to exist together to create a unique multiscale structure. All analytical techniques employed indicated poor crystallinity of the produced filaments.
Graduation Date: July 2009
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/9792

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