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  • [2016-06-16] Voices/Voces in the Borderlands: A Colloquy on Re/Constructing Identities in Re/Constructed Legal Spaces 

    Montoya, Margaret; Harrison, Melissa
    While we believe that the work of healing our cultural dyslexia is partly cognitive, in and through this paper we have tried to enact the experiential aspect. We may approach the entrances of the borderlands through reading ...
  • [2016-06-16] Voicing Differences (Comment) 

    Montoya, Margaret
    Jane Aiken and Kimberly O'Leary undertake the difficult work of developing specific approaches and techniques for taking account of characteristics such as race/ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, and sexual identity in clinical ...
  • [2016-06-16] Who Gets in? The Quest for Diversity after Grutter 

    Montoya, Margaret
    Transcript of The 2004 James McCormick Mitchell Lecture. On March 8, 2004, the University at Buffalo Law School hosted its annual Mitchell Lecture,1 a panel discussion entitled, "Who Gets In? The Quest for Diversity ...