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Breastfeeding Information in Ob/Gyn Textbooks Needs Improvement


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Breastfeeding Information in Ob/Gyn Textbooks Needs Improvement

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Title: Breastfeeding Information in Ob/Gyn Textbooks Needs Improvement
Author: Espindola (Schwartz), Dana; Ogburn, Anthony; Espey, Eve; Philipp, Barbara; Merewood, Anne
Subject: breastfeeding
Abstract: Pediatricians and obstetricians work side-by-side in educating and supporting the breastfeeding mother and baby. The breastfeeding information in textbooks used by each specialty needs to be consistent, accurate, and evidence-based. A recent study found the breastfeeding information in pediatric textbooks to be highly variable, and at times inaccurate and inconsistent. The objective of this study was to determine if breastfeeding information in general ob/gyn textbooks published since 1999 is current and evidence-based. Five ob/gyn textbooks (the most current editions) were reviewed using a standardized scoring sheet similar to the one used in the pediatric textbook study. Five reviewers (2 obstetricians, 1 pediatrician, 1 lactation consultant, and 1 medical student), examined breastfeeding content as indexed in each text. Each book was graded for inclusion of 22 basic breastfeeding facts derived from recommendations from the AAP, ACOG, and WHO. Results currently included are those from 1 obstetrician/gynecologist and 1 medical student, further results will be included at a later date. Current results indicate breastfeeding information in ob/gyn textbooks as highly variable, and at times with significant omissions.
Date: 2008-07-02
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1928/6738

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