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  • [2012-08-28] Viscous flow past plates 

    Ling, Xu
    I devise a numerical method of high order in space (FDMHS) to simulate flow past a finite plate and a semi-infinite plate. The method solves the incompressible Navier-Stokes equation in the stream function-vorticity formulation. ...
  • [2012-02-01] Weighted estimates for dyadic operators with complexity 

    Moraes, Jean Carlo Pech de
    We extend the definitions of dyadic paraproduct, dual dyadic paraproduct and $t$-Haar multipliers to dyadic operators that depend on the complexity $(m,n)$, for $m$ and $n$ positive integers. We will use the ...
  • [2013-09-05] Well-posedness and Ill-posedness of the Nonlinear Beam Equation 

    Wang, Shuxin
    The dissertation consists of two parts, Well-posedness and ill-posedness for the nonlinear beam equation and Strichartz estimates of the beam equation on the domains. In the first part, we will work to introduce the ...