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  • [2010-06-28] Identifying Comedy: The Linguistic Properties of Humor 

    Frale, Aaron
    This dissertation is a method to label comedy with a linguistic model. Comedy is defined via an audience’s laughter. The first part presents anecdotal evidence and certain factors of comedy. Time and Cultural awareness ...

    Iha, Margaret
    This essay examines the effects of a “we can’t” theatre culture as experienced by the author. I detail my experiments in discerning and enacting a "we can" way of doing theatre amidst a creative environment punctuated by ...
  • [2011-08-19] In the Clothes of Others 

    Krohn-Bourgeois, Jennifer
    In the Clothes of Others is a collection of poems that begins with a nontraditional evocation of the muses and is followed by three different sections of poems. The thirteen poems in first section deal with how we use ...
  • [2015-09-09] In the Open Air: Rediscovering Self and the Environment through Site-Specific Dance and Alternative Teaching Methods 

    Nevada, Lisa Marie
    In the Open Air: Rediscovering Self and the Environment through Site-Specific Dance and Alternative Teaching Methods examines the accessibility of modern and contemporary dance today. It reflects on personal research, ...
  • [2013-07-11] The Invasive Kind 

    Hjelm, Christina
    This essay will explore the representation of the Latin American female identity in Dramatic Narratives. It analyzes the sexualized Latina stereotype frequently portrayed in the media and discusses how I, as a Cuban American ...
  • [2014-07-12] Jiggs and Other Stories 

    Jones, Vondell
    Jiggs and Other Stories represent a diverse sampling of my work as a UNM graduate student and a writer of fiction. The works presented here are a pastiche of genres that include magical realism, tragedy, absurdist fiction, ...
  • [2010-06-28] La Nueva Escuela De La Danza Flamenca: Postmodern Shifts in Flamenco Dance 

    Gomez, Illeana
    Within the past ten years, flamenco, the musical genera from Andalusia, Spain has gone through a very evident transformation. This transformation involves an intellectualization of flamenco, in that there is an increasing ...
  • [2015-06-24] Listen, then Speak: Foregrounding Women's Spaces, Stories, and Relationships in Dramatic Writing 

    Loy, Irene
    In this essay, I provide documentation for my theory and practice during this MFA degree. I begin with a short personal essay on my auto-biography leading up to and including this program. Then I follow with an overview ...
  • [2011-08-31] The Magical Mystery Donkey Tour 

    DuPertuis, Lucy Gwyn
    This creative non-fiction dissertation consists of a travel memoir written while I was enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. It incorporates many ...
  • [2011-08-19] Midnite's Child: A Multidisciplinary Methodology for Staging Stories of Forgotten People 

    Sachdeva, Riti
    Midnite’s Child: A Multidisciplinary Methodology For Staging Stories of Forgotten People This paper examines several plays and performance pieces I have written in the last ten years that centralize the experiences, ...
  • [2014-09-12] Mommy Maladies 

    Vigil, Nicole
    An ambivalent mother takes a retrospective look at the costs and consequences of choosing to be a mother.
  • [2013-07-11] Morning Rituals 

    Hickey, Nora
    A collection of poetry exploring identity and emotion in imagined and real settings.
  • [2010-09-10] Motherland 

    Morelli, Emily
    Motherland is a three-part collection of poetry. The first part, “Foreign,” contains poems about Portugal and Brazil. The poems reflect historic events and personal observations. In the context of the collection, they serve ...
  • [2016-06-09] Movement as the Driving Force: Empowering Live Dance Performance Through the Integration of Film 

    Paschich, Kelsey Victoria Mary
    Dance and film are two distinct mediums of expression. Movement drives both of these art forms and is the commonality that serves as the thread that connects them. These mediums serve as modes of discovery, thinking, and ...
  • [2016-06-09] A New and Different Sun 

    Olson, Annie
    A New and Different Sun is a non-fiction essay collection. Essay themes concern the landscape, ideals, and politics of the American West.
  • [2011-02-09] A New Vision of Korean Dance Through a Comparative Study of Korean Dance and Modern Dance History 

    Lee, Sun-Ah Kim
    In this dissertation, I conduct a comparative study of Korean and Modern dance history while examining new ways to incorporate the traditional forms of Korean dance with a contemporary dance aesthetic. It is important to ...
  • [2011-08-17] Nothing Free 

    Santillanes, Valerie
    This is a multi-generational story of a family in a centuries-old New Mexico community undergoing wrenching change as it is forced into the modern world. The focus is on three sisters and how they and their loved ones ...
  • [2014-09-12] Nuclear Family 

    Bannerman, Ty
    This dissertation explores nuclear history in New Mexico in the context of how it affected the lives of those who were ancillary to the bomb itself and its repercussions. I use my own family as a lens to explore the issues ...
  • [2016-08-25] On Childhood and Other Sad Things 

    Maruyama, Matthew
    This manuscript is an experimental and otherwise lyrical autobiography that explores the nature of childhood.
  • [2011-08-17] On Unstable Ground: A Journey in Time, Memory, and Place 

    Beer, Molly
    On Unstable Ground is the story of the two years I spent trying to understand and navigate El Salvador—both as a place and a history. This is not, however, a memoir, per se. Rather, it is a history told through personal ...